Ethics Violation Procedures

Ethics Violation Procedures

The GIAC organization takes ethics very seriously. We are committed to enforcing our Code of Ethics, and have formal procedures that allow fair and objective review of allegations and evidence of violations to the GIAC Code of Ethics. The GIAC Ethics Council has the responsibility of formally reviewing any charges and evidence of ethics violations. The GIAC Ethics code is available at

Complaint Submission

Any GIAC member, or member of the public who witness or suspect a violation of GIAC's Code of Ethics, may submit a written complaint to the GIAC Ethics via our online complaint form. The complaint must include the following at a minimum:

  1. A detailed description of the facts known and circumstances relevant to the complaint
  2. The Complainant's source(s) of information, the names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information for and of witnesses and other knowledgeable individuals as known.
  3. Any and all supporting information or evidence
  4. The section or sections of the GIAC Code of Ethics violated

Each complaint will be reviewed for completeness and forwarded to the GIAC Ethics Council to initiate the review process. If not enough information is present to initiate a review, the form will be returned to the complainant requesting more information.

If enough corroborating evidence is available to support a thorough investigation, the identity of the accuser will not be necessarily divulged to the individual being investigated. If the investigation relies more heavily on testimony from a single source or the evidence presented obviously implicates the identity of the accuser, it may not be possible for the accuser to remain unidentified.

Ethics Violation Review Process

The Ethics Council's chief responsibility is to investigate ethics complaints against GIAC certified individuals, or GIAC candidates.

The investigative process is initiated when the Director of GIAC requests the investigation of a potential misconduct or when the Director is in receipt of a written complaint alleging misconduct.

The Ethics Council will solicit details in writing from the individual being investigated as well as any others who may be able to provide corroborating or exculpatory information. After all solicited information has been reviewed the Council may request further clarification as required.

On completion of its investigation, the Ethics Council will make a written report to the Director recommending whether the complaint should be upheld, and the recommended course of discipline. The written report will be communicated to the Director for review and possible further action.

If a Council member or members have a strong opinion against the majority decision of council then a dissenting opinion may also be written and provided to the Director.

Appeal Process

Individuals found to be in violation may file an appeal in writing within 30 days of the notice of decision. The appeal must be emailed to the GIAC Director, specifically stating the grounds for appeal.

The appeal will be conducted by the GIAC Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will review the details of the original investigation and the submitted appeal to determine if the appeal has merit. The GIAC Ombudsman will notify the appealing party via email of the result. The Ombudsman's decision will be final.