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Renewal: Attend or Teach Qualified Training


Main Option - 36 CPEs

Attending Training or Teaching a Qualifying Course

You may choose to earn your 36 CPEs by attending or teaching a qualified ISO 17024 accredited, information assurance related training course. Training must be completed within three years prior to your certification expiration date to qualify. Below is a list of options:

  • SANS training courses:
  • Other qualifying information assurance courses:
    • Any verifiable information assurance training course directly tied to an ISO 17024 certification and offered through an approved provider (such as ISC2, ISACA, or their approved education affiliates). Minimum 6 contact hours per course day. Examples include:
    • Specific course topics need to be relevant to the information assurance industry, and support ongoing competency when applying them toward GIAC certification renewal. Therefore, it is important that you are able to clearly document the relevancy of the course topic to your position and how it aids in your ongoing competency related to your certification.
    • Training must be completed within three years prior to your certification expiration date to demonstrate ongoing competency.
    • If listed on your certificate of completion, CPEs or CEUs will equate to the number of CPEs granted for accepted training. Otherwise, each contact hour is equal to 1 CPE. For example, most SANS 6-day courses will earn you 6 CPEs per day, giving you a total of 36 CPEs.
    • For all training (including SANS) submitted, you are required to submit a Certificate of Completion, as well as documentation of the contact hours attended, even if it is not included on the Certificate of Completion. For SANS OnDemand training, students must complete 80% of the assessments with an 80% or higher or view 80% of the slides in the course, regardless of whether the corresponding GIAC certification is passed. SANS training Certificates of Completion may be found under 'My Orders' of your SANS account.
    • CPEs submitted through a Self Study course must also verify the corresponding certification was passed.
    • Courses taken through non-approved education providers for an ISO 17024-accredited certification require proof of obtaining the certification in addition to a Certificate of Completion for the training.

    Attending or teaching qualified training must be properly documented. Certificates of completion are required if you attended training. A syllabus, transcript or similar manuscript clearly documenting you as the instructor would be sufficient.

    Submitting a Recent Certification:

    If you passed a new, equivalent, and relevant GIAC certification within two years prior to your certification expiration date, it may be used towards your GIAC certification renewal. We will require documentation, such as your Exam summary, verifying the Exam provider, name of the certification, your name, date passed, and score.

    • Note: When submitting a new GIAC Certification for CPEs, please select the CPE Option on your renewal registration and submit the Certification under 'SANS course' on your registration form.


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