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Renewal: Standard Exam


Main Option - 36 CPEs

Certification Exam

Candidates must successfully complete the current version of the certification exam or other equivalent and relevant certification to receive 36 CPEs.

Taking the current exam:

For more information on the current certification exam process, please visit

To register for the renewal exam, go to the "Certification History" section of your GIAC Portal (

Once your registration, $399 payment + shipping charges have been processed, your reference materials will be shipped to the address provided on your registration form. You will receive four months of access from the date your registration and payment are received to your certification renewal attempt, which includes two practice tests to help you prepare for the exam.

If your certification expires prior to passing your renewal exam, your certified status on the GIAC website will temporarily expire. Once you successfully complete the renewal exam, your status will go back to active and you will retain your original analyst number.

You are not required to complete any additional training with this option; you are only required to pass the exam.

Submitting a Recent Certification:

If you passed a new, equivalent, and relevant GIAC certification within two years prior to your certification expiration date, it may be used towards your GIAC certification renewal. We will require documentation, such as your Exam summary, verifying the Exam provider, name of the certification, your name, date passed, and score.

  • Note: When submitting a new GIAC Certification for CPEs, please select the CPE Option on your renewal registration and submit the Certification under 'SANS course' on your registration form.


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