Certified Professionals: Advisory Board

Certified Professionals:

The GIAC Advisory Board is made up of GIAC certified professionals who wish to give back to the security community by taking an active role in the GIAC program. The GIAC Advisory Board provides a forum where IT Security professionals can exchange ideas and advice. We also utilize the Advisory Board list to discuss issues directly related to GIAC and SANS business, such as training and certification. Occasionally, we also use the list to post opportunities for paid work, such as SANS courseware development or GIAC exam question development.

Participation is by invitation only, and is presented to GIAC professionals who earn an average score of 90% or better on their certification exams. After you have completed your exams and earned a 90% or better, you will be sent an email notification inviting you to join the Advisory Board. In that email you will find more detailed information on the Advisory Board mailing list, as well as directions explaining the paperwork that will need to be filled out before membership is finalized.