Certified Professionals: G2700

Certified Professionals:

GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist

The ISO-27000 series of standards offers a framework to assist any organization to develop a true security minded corporate culture by instilling best practice and detailed guidance regarding all manner of security issues. This track is designed for information security officers or other management professionals who are looking for a how-to guide for implementing the ISO-27000 series of standards including an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27002 security controls and ISO 27005 Risk Management methods.

G2700 candidates must demonstrate understanding of the ISO-27000 series of standards and the ability to put them into practice.

Note: The G2700 certification was renamed on 2/1/2011 from G7799. The G7799 label was based on the original ISO-17799 security controls which later were moved to the ISO 27000 series standards. This change does not effect the certification status of current holders of the G7799 certification. Anyone renewing a G7799 certificate after 2/1/2011, will automatically receive an updated G2700 certificate.

6 of 1,046 G2700 Professionals
Analyst * Name First Certified
1282 Zahn, Steven Jun 14, 2013
113 Zajac, Piotr Sep 03, 2006
1116 Zarenejad, Afshin Dec 15, 2012
1501 Zell, Christopher Jan 31, 2014
1506 Zepeda, Richard Feb 01, 2014
914 Zhao, Jingtao Oct 21, 2011