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9347 Alleyne Nik Building a Forensically Capable Network Infrastructure GCIA Aug 24, 2016
4660 Heijmans Niels GREM Aug 23, 2016
495 Knaffl Bill Simple Approach to Access Control: Port Control and MAC Filtering GCCC Aug 22, 2016
25516 Simsay Jason Incident Handling Preparation: Learning Normal with the Kansa PowerShell Incident Response Framework GCIH Aug 22, 2016
38727 Andrasik Andrew In but not Out: Protecting Confidentiality during Penetration Testing GSEC Aug 22, 2016
4639 Smith Robert Filling the Gaps GSNA Aug 18, 2016
32540 Earnest Wesley Investing in Information Security: A Case Study in Community Banking GSEC Aug 12, 2016
38768 Becker John Introduction to Rundeck for Secure Script Executions GSEC Aug 11, 2016
37714 Devlin Randy Data Loss Prevention GSEC Aug 08, 2016
38628 Johns Jennifer Changing the Perspective of Information Security in the Cloud: Cloud Access Security Brokers and Cloud Identity and Access Management GSEC Aug 04, 2016
4623 Dunn Sandra Defending Against the Weaponization of Trust: Defense in Depth Assessment of TLS GSNA Aug 01, 2016
11233 Kennedy Colm Deception Techniques as Part of Intrusion Detection Strategy GCIA Aug 01, 2016
458 Baze Andrew Realistic Risk Management Using the CIS 20 Security Controls GCCC Aug 01, 2016
8483 Freeman Matt "Is there a Yelp for Ransomware?" Incident response planning that doesn't rely on Plan B GSLC Aug 01, 2016
5598 Roberts Glen Hardware Keyloggers GSLC Jul 29, 2016
38698 Hutter David Physical Security and Why It Is Important GSEC Jul 28, 2016
3402 Risto Jonathan Polymorphic, multi-lingual websites: A theoretical approach for improved website security GWAPT Jul 25, 2016
99 Murdoch Don Portable System for Network Forensics Data Collection and Analysis GSE Jul 15, 2016
38852 Long II Michael Scalable Methods for Conducting Cyber Threat Hunt Operations GSEC Jul 14, 2016
3779 Sitnica Adi Using Information Security as an Auditing Tool GSNA Jul 14, 2016
454 Hosburgh Matthew How to Target Critical Infrastructure: The Adversary Return on Investment on an Industrial Control System GCCC Jul 12, 2016
15813 Risto Jonathan Success Rates for Client Side Vulnerabilities GCIH Jun 14, 2016
702 Riffat Muzamil Legal Aspects of Privacy and Security: A Case-Study of Apple versus FBI Arguments GLEG Jun 03, 2016
8809 Martin David Gh0st in the Dshell: Decoding Undocumented Protocols GCIA Jun 03, 2016
5698 Jaworski Steve Using Splunk to Detect DNS Tunneling GCIA Jun 01, 2016
11201 Hawkins Brett Under The Ocean of the Internet - The Deep Web GCIA May 27, 2016
434 Rollison Lenny Critical Security Controls: Software Designed Inventory, Configuration, and Governance GCCC May 24, 2016
444 Brockman Tracy Managing Accepted Vulnerabilities GCCC May 20, 2016
38426 Thomas David An Approach to Reducing Federal Data Breaches GSEC May 17, 2016
34096 Fornero Kaleb Extending your Business Network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) GSEC May 17, 2016
38077 Nardella Roberto Basic Reverse Engineering with Immunity Debugger GSEC May 09, 2016
38423 Espinosa Gomez Mauricio Full Packet Capture Infrastructure Based on Docker Containers GSEC May 06, 2016
270 Alexander Michael Methods for Understanding and Reducing Social Engineering Attacks GCCC May 03, 2016
11018 Matthee Michael Hendrik Tagging Data to Prevent Data Leakage (Forming Content Repositories) GCIA May 03, 2016
24353 Mehmood Shafqat Enterprise Survival Guide for Ransomware Attacks GCIH May 03, 2016
38256 Knaffl Bill Case Study: How CIS Controls Can Limit the Cascading Failures During an Attack GSEC May 03, 2016
38500 Perry Scott Creating a Secure and Compliant Digital Forensics and Incident Response Network with Remote Access GSEC Apr 29, 2016
38333 Salazar Diana Cloud Security Framework Audit Methods GSEC Apr 27, 2016
505 Warren Aron Using Sulley to Protocol Fuzz for Linux Software Vulnerabilities GXPN Apr 25, 2016
1624 Arnold Tom Incident Response in Amazon EC2: First Responders Guide to Security Incidents in the Cloud GCFE Apr 21, 2016
11078 Smith Scott Catching Flies: A Guide to the Various Flavors of Honeypots GCIA Apr 19, 2016
8773 Rocha Luis Neutrino Exploit Kit Analysis and Threat Indicators GCIA Apr 13, 2016
9800 Hartman Kenneth BitTorrent & Digital Contraband GCIA Apr 13, 2016
10767 Van Tuyl Russel Practical Approach to Detecting and Preventing Web Application Attacks over HTTP/2 GCIA Apr 11, 2016
11043 Jeng Allen Securing Jenkins CI Systems GCIA Apr 08, 2016
8683 Chisholm Colin Boiling the Ocean: Security Operations and Log Analysis GCIH Apr 06, 2016
289 Currie Roderick The Automotive Top 5: Applying the Critical Controls to the Modern Automobile GCCC Apr 04, 2016
38016 Kime Brian Threat Intelligence: Planning and Direction GSEC Mar 29, 2016
32260 Kennel David OPM vs. APT: How Proper Implementation of Key Controls Could Have Prevented a Disaster GSEC Mar 29, 2016
11015 Sass Jeff The Role of Static Analysis in Hardening Open Source Intrusion Detection Systems GCIA Mar 29, 2016