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6419 Thyer Jonathan Let's face it, you are probably compromised. What next? GPEN Dec 15, 2014
8477 Sitnica Adi Energy and Utilities Defense Response based on 2014 Attack Pattern GSLC Dec 11, 2014
383 Hubert Keil Evidence Collection From Social Media Sites GLEG Dec 02, 2014
6078 Vazquez Carlos Auditing using Vulnerability tools to identify today's threats Business Performance GSLC Dec 02, 2014
8456 Hershberger Paul Security Skills Assessment and Training: The Critical Security Control that can make or break all others GSLC Dec 02, 2014
10086 Collyer Tim Faster than a speeding bullet: Geolocation data and account misuse GCIA Dec 01, 2014
34457 Matthee Michael Hendrik Agile defensive perimiters: forming the security test regression pack GSEC Nov 20, 2014
35 Graves Rich Implementing a Shibboleth SSO Infrastructure GWEB Nov 17, 2014
7530 Niemel Mikko Rate my nuke: Bringing the nuclear power plant control room to iPad GSLC Nov 14, 2014
32366 Khalil George Password Security-- Thirty-Five Years Later GSEC Nov 12, 2014
22335 Wen Chinn Yew Secure Design with Exploit Infusion GCIH Nov 11, 2014
8488 Belangia David That's where the Data is! Why Break into the Office of Personnel Management Systems - Because That Is Where the Sensitive Information for Important People Is Maintained! GSLC Nov 04, 2014
34255 Weeks Mike Application White-listing with Bit9 Parity GSEC Oct 29, 2014
35455 Hammarberg David The Best Defenses Against Zero-day Exploits for Various-sized Organizations GSEC Oct 27, 2014
35316 Hosburgh Matthew The Spy with a License to Kill GSEC Oct 24, 2014
3864 Anderson Joel Reducing the Catch: Fighting Spear-Phishing in a Large Organization GSNA Oct 20, 2014
10315 Dias Ricardo Intelligence-Driven Incident Response with YARA GCFA Oct 20, 2014
20543 Wadner Kiel An Analysis of Meterpreter during Post-Exploitation GCIH Oct 14, 2014
9858 Anderson Barry Forensicator FATE - From Artisan To Engineer GCFA Oct 13, 2014
14798 Rajpari Fayyaz Finding the Advanced Persistent Adversary GCIH Oct 10, 2014
8336 Veerappa Srinivas Babu Security Operations Centre (SOC) in a Utility Organization GSLC Oct 07, 2014
1772 Irwin Stephen Creating a Threat Profile for Your Organization GCIH Oct 02, 2014
15393 Nafziger Brian A Practical Big Data Kill Chain Framework GSEC Oct 02, 2014
9903 Mourad Hassan Data Charging Bypass: How your IDS can help GCIA Oct 02, 2014
26493 Eckstein Christoph Validating Security Configurations and Detecting Backdoors in New Network Devices GSEC Sep 30, 2014
583 Firth Ryan Next Generation Firewalls and Employee Privacy in the Global Enterprise GLEG Sep 30, 2014
35341 Toussain Matthew Home Field Advantage - Using Indicators of Compromise to Hunt down the Advanced Persistent Threat GSEC Sep 25, 2014
3881 Lyon Dan Modeling Security Investments With Monte Carlo Simulations GWAPT Sep 24, 2014
6517 Stanton Michael A Qradar Log Source Extension Walkthrough GCIH Sep 22, 2014
10182 Vandeven Sally Forensic Images: For Your Viewing Pleasure GCFA Sep 19, 2014
233 Hendrick Jim Security Visibility in the Enterprise GCPM Sep 19, 2014
3428 Walters Dave MalwareD: A study on network and host based defenses that prevent malware from accomplishing its goals GREM Sep 17, 2014
34760 Naish Michael Implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Certificate Services GSEC Sep 16, 2014
335 Vandeven Sally A Project Management Approach to Writing a GIAC Gold Paper GCPM Sep 15, 2014
35355 Radichel Teri Case Study: Critical Controls that Could Have Prevented Target Breach GSEC Sep 12, 2014
8431 Sapp Nolan How the SANS Critical Controls Prevent the Red Team from P0wning your Database GSLC Sep 04, 2014
10160 Jodoin Eric Straddling the Next Frontier Part 2: How Quantum Computing has already begun impacting the Cyber Security landscape GCFA Sep 03, 2014
9262 Jodoin Eric Straddling the Next Frontier Part 1: Quantum Computing Primer GCIA Sep 03, 2014
10119 Fraser Gordon Creating a Baseline of Process Activity for Memory Forensics GCFA Aug 27, 2014
4039 Thomassin Sven Differences between HTML5 or AJAX web applications GWAPT Aug 27, 2014
19154 Rocha Luis H.O.T. | Security GCIH Aug 21, 2014
28268 Collyer Tim Airwatch MDM and Android: a policy and technical review GSEC Aug 21, 2014
9063 Imbert Courtney Beyond the cookie: Using network traffic characteristics to enhance confidence in user identity GCIA Aug 19, 2014
35318 Whitteker Wesley Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Security GSEC Aug 18, 2014
1942 Mastad Paul Small devices needs a large Firewall GCIH Aug 18, 2014
35322 Gibbs Pierce Botnet Tracking Tools GSEC Aug 14, 2014
17898 Foster James Are there novel ways to mitigate credential theft attacks in Windows? GCIH Aug 13, 2014
479 Grim Lawrence IDS: File Integrity Checking GSNA Aug 07, 2014
7656 Anderson Dwight Protect Critical Infrastructure Systems With Whitelisting GSEC Aug 05, 2014
7679 Salka Timothy The Maturation of Controls Self - Assessments GSLC Jul 31, 2014