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Certified Professionals: Latest Papers

Certified Professionals:

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Analyst Last Name First Name Paper Cert Date
36774 Velazquez Chris Detecting and Preventing Attacks Earlier in the Kill Chain GSEC Aug 31, 2015
276 Mourad Hassan The Fall of SS7 - How Can the Critical Security Controls Help? GCCC Aug 31, 2015
36991 Bosco Phillip Breaking the Ice: Gaining Initial Access GSEC Aug 28, 2015
20068 Ortiz Jose Deployment of a Flexible Malware Sandbox Environment Using Open Source Software GCIH Aug 24, 2015
232 Eckstein Christoph Preventing data leakage: A risk based approach for controlled use of the use of administrative and access privileges GCCC Aug 24, 2015
1381 Vines Thomas What Companies need to consider for e-Discovery GSLC Aug 24, 2015
245 Zamora Edward Paying Attention to Critical Controls GCCC Aug 21, 2015
37211 Mccurry Tobias DevOps Rescuing White Lodging from Breaches GSEC Aug 18, 2015
14389 Quick Brian E. Configuration Management with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) GSEC Aug 18, 2015
10615 Daugherty Dale Following a Breach Simulating and Detecting a Common Attack GCIA Aug 14, 2015
10556 Shivdas Sumesh Protecting Home Devices from Malicious or Blacklisted Websites GCIA Aug 11, 2015
8780 Mack Jason Using Network Based Security Systems to Search for STIX and TAXII Based Indicators of Compromise GCIA Aug 10, 2015
1458 Hayden Major Securing Linux Containers GCUX Aug 10, 2015
9603 Fletcher David Forensic Timeline Analysis using Wireshark GIAC (GCFA) Gold Certification GCFA Aug 10, 2015
36914 Kollasch Nicholas Data Loss Prevention and a Point of Sales Breach GSEC Aug 10, 2015
10448 Horkan Michael Challenges for IDS/IPS Deployment in Industrial Control Systems GCIA Aug 07, 2015
4686 Fraser Gordon Tunneling, Pivoting, and Web Application Penetration Testing GWAPT Aug 03, 2015
275 Hein Blaine PKI Trust Models: Whom do you trust? GSNA Jul 28, 2015
9846 Giesbrecht Shelly Coding For Incident Response: Solving the Language Dilemma GSEC Jul 28, 2015
32921 Koch Matthew An Introduction to Linux-based malware GSEC Jul 23, 2015
5231 Hall Justin Incident Tracking In The Enterprise GCIH Jul 20, 2015
34038 Impinna Joseph Leveraging the Federal Public Trust Clearance Model in State Government Personnel Security Programs GSEC Jul 17, 2015
34236 Gordon Colin Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using OpenOTP GSEC Jul 17, 2015
20948 Atkinson Sean Psychology and the hacker - Psychological Incident Handling GCIH Jul 09, 2015
643 Veerappa Srinivas Babu A Concise Guide to Various Australian Laws Related to Privacy and Cybersecurity Domains GLEG Jul 06, 2015
46 Riffat Muzamil A Framework for Assessing 20 Critical Controls Using ISO 15504 and COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM) GCCC Jul 06, 2015
4495 Belangia David Securing Single Points of Compromise (SPoC) GSNA Jun 30, 2015
242 Scott Austin Tactical Data Diodes in Industrial Automation and Control Systems GICSP Jun 30, 2015
21588 Jodoin Eric Accessing the inaccessible: Incident investigation in a world of embedded devices GCIH Jun 30, 2015
31978 Miller Marsha BYOD: Do You Know Where Your Backups Are Stored? GSEC Jun 30, 2015
153 Begin Francois eAUDIT: Designing a generic tool to review entitlements GCCC Jun 22, 2015
36744 Sanchez Gabriel Case Study: Critical Controls that Sony Should Have Implemented GSEC Jun 22, 2015
22339 Chua Zong Fu Using windows crash dumps for remote incident identification GCIH Jun 16, 2015
10551 Aydell Glenn The Perfect ICS Storm GCIA Jun 08, 2015
8708 Dittmer John Applying Lessons Learned for the Next Generation Vulnerability Management System GSLC Jun 08, 2015
9439 Nafziger Brian Practical Attack Detection, Analysis, and Response using Big Data, Semantics, and Kill Chains within the OODA Loop GCIA Jun 03, 2015
10377 Yeatman Mike Integration of Network Conversation Metadata with Asset and Configuration Management Databases GCIA May 26, 2015
16808 Imbert Courtney Knitting SOCs GCIH May 26, 2015
3382 Varga-Perke Balint Automated Security Testing of Oracle Forms Applications GWAPT May 26, 2015
36463 McCullough Shaun Lenovo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week GSEC May 21, 2015
5882 Graves Rich Honeytokens and honeypots for web ID and IH GCIA May 14, 2015
8922 Allen Jon Mark IPv6 and Open Source IDS GCIA May 14, 2015
9991 Khalil George IDS File Forensics GCFA May 13, 2015
22279 Groombridge Kenton Nftables as a Second Language GSEC May 11, 2015
344 Shanks Wylie Building a Vulnerability Management Program - A project management approach GCPM May 11, 2015
19939 Eichelberger Florian Using Software Defined Radio to attack "Smart Home" systems GCIH May 01, 2015
35066 Simsay Jason Is It Patched Or Is It Not? GSEC Apr 23, 2015
2573 Bohio Muhammad Junaid Analyzing a Backdoor/Bot for the MIPS Platform GREM Apr 13, 2015
3029 Sylvander Harri XtremeRAT - When Unicode Breaks GREM Apr 09, 2015
654 Greenwell Matthew Defense-in-Policy begets Defense-in-Depth GCED Apr 03, 2015