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Certified Professionals: Latest Papers

Certified Professionals:

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Analyst Last Name First Name Paper Cert Date
3217 Batchelor Jason On the x86 Representation of Object Oriented Programming Concepts for Reverse Engineers GREM Nov 24, 2015
8783 Rynn Philip United Airlines May 2015 Data Breach: Suggested Near, Mid and Long-Term Mitigating Actions Using the 20 Critical Security Control GSLC Nov 23, 2015
37175 Garris John There's No Going it Alone: Disrupting Well Organized Cyber Crime GSEC Nov 23, 2015
37592 Reed David Encryption Solutions for Small Networks GSEC Nov 20, 2015
11168 Doran Michael A Forensic Look at Bitcoin Cryptocurrency GCFA Nov 16, 2015
32888 Zamora Edward Cloud Assessment Survival Guide GSEC Nov 10, 2015
1372 Karshiev Ergash Framework for Innovative Security Decisions GCED Nov 03, 2015
20180 Pandya Gaurang Preparing to withstand a DDoS Attack GCIH Nov 02, 2015
20268 Knowles Ben Analysis and Reporting improvements with Notebooks GCIH Nov 02, 2015
9221 Ackerman Paul The LogLED An LED-Based Information Security Dashboard GCIA Nov 02, 2015
8966 Teo Jia Yeong Lionel Learning from the Dridex Malware - Adopting an Effective Strategy GCIA Oct 29, 2015
8455 Dunn Sandra The Scary and Terrible Code Signing Problem You Don't Know You Have GSLC Oct 29, 2015
210 Dunn Sandra The Business Case for TLS Certificate Enterprise Key Management of Web Site Certificates Wrangling TLS Certificates on the Wild Web GCCC Oct 28, 2015
7633 Balakrishnan Balaji Security Data Visualization GSLC Oct 28, 2015
86 Belangia David Audits Made Simple GCCC Oct 27, 2015
36253 Hawkins Brett Case Study: The Home Depot Data Breach GSEC Oct 27, 2015
90 Haselhorst Dallas Uncovering Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Using PowerShell, Event Logs and a Traditional Monitoring Tool GCCC Oct 27, 2015
259 Groombridge Kenton Technical Implementation of the Critical Control "Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices" for a Small Office/Home Office GCCC Oct 26, 2015
419 Hershberger Paul Email Acceptable Use: Balancing the Needs of the Organization and the Need to Comply with National Labor Relations Board Rulings GLEG Oct 26, 2015
37533 Hummel Richard Understanding and Preventing Threats to Point of Sale Systems GSEC Oct 15, 2015
37212 Obregon Luciana Secure Architecture for Industrial Control Systems GSEC Oct 15, 2015
35614 Jarko Christopher Shoestring Virtualization - Reducing the Risk to Small Business Data from Compromised Remote Networks GSEC Oct 14, 2015
293 Alonso-Parrizas Angel Forensic Analysis On Android: A Practical Case GMOB Oct 14, 2015
566 Balakrishnan Balaji Insider Threat Mitigation Guidance GLEG Oct 09, 2015
9043 Hansen Matthew Passing the Sniff (Snort) Test GCIA Oct 07, 2015
37258 Yeatman Mike Practical Security Considerations for Managed Service Provider On-Premise Equipment GSEC Oct 05, 2015
10755 Lewis Joshua Practical approaches for MTCP Security GCIA Oct 02, 2015
10584 Folkerth Lewis Forensic Analysis of Industrial Control Systems GCFA Sep 25, 2015
10673 Haaksma Jake Fingerprinting Windows 10 Technical Preview GCIA Sep 17, 2015
37193 Baze Andrew Security Risk Communication Tools GSEC Sep 16, 2015
37115 Prazan Aaron NERC CIP Patch Management and Cisco IOS Trains GSEC Sep 14, 2015
54 Wadner Kiel A Network Analysis of a Web Server Compromise GNFA Sep 08, 2015
36774 Velazquez Chris Detecting and Preventing Attacks Earlier in the Kill Chain GSEC Aug 31, 2015
276 Mourad Hassan The Fall of SS7 - How Can the Critical Security Controls Help? GCCC Aug 31, 2015
36991 Bosco Phillip Breaking the Ice: Gaining Initial Access GSEC Aug 28, 2015
20068 Ortiz Jose Deployment of a Flexible Malware Sandbox Environment Using Open Source Software GCIH Aug 24, 2015
232 Eckstein Christoph Preventing data leakage: A risk based approach for controlled use of the use of administrative and access privileges GCCC Aug 24, 2015
1381 Vines Thomas What Companies need to consider for e-Discovery GSLC Aug 24, 2015
245 Zamora Edward Paying Attention to Critical Controls GCCC Aug 21, 2015
37211 Mccurry Tobias DevOps Rescuing White Lodging from Breaches GSEC Aug 18, 2015
14389 Quick Brian E. Configuration Management with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) GSEC Aug 18, 2015
10615 Daugherty Dale Following a Breach Simulating and Detecting a Common Attack GCIA Aug 14, 2015
10556 Shivdas Sumesh Protecting Home Devices from Malicious or Blacklisted Websites GCIA Aug 11, 2015
8780 Mack Jason Using Network Based Security Systems to Search for STIX and TAXII Based Indicators of Compromise GCIA Aug 10, 2015
1458 Hayden Major Securing Linux Containers GCUX Aug 10, 2015
9603 Fletcher David Forensic Timeline Analysis using Wireshark GIAC (GCFA) Gold Certification GCFA Aug 10, 2015
36914 Kollasch Nicholas Data Loss Prevention and a Point of Sales Breach GSEC Aug 10, 2015
10448 Horkan Michael Challenges for IDS/IPS Deployment in Industrial Control Systems GCIA Aug 07, 2015
4686 Fraser Gordon Tunneling, Pivoting, and Web Application Penetration Testing GWAPT Aug 03, 2015
275 Hein Blaine PKI Trust Models: Whom do you trust? GSNA Jul 28, 2015