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8751 Vandeven Sally Rootkit Detection with OSSEC GCIA Apr 17, 2014
9576 Lo I-Lin Vincent Windows ShellBags Forensics in Depth GCFA Apr 14, 2014
4253 Shanks Wylie Enhancing incident response through forensic, memory analysis and malware sandboxing techniques GCFA Apr 09, 2014
34022 Lomas Alex Implementation and use of DNS RPZ in malware and phishing defence GSEC Apr 03, 2014
813 Butler Chad How to Win Friends and Remediate Vulnerabilities GSSP-JAVA Mar 20, 2014
28443 Knowles Ben Inside Mac Security GSEC Mar 19, 2014
891 Loos Johan Implementing IEEE 802.1x for Wired Networks GCWN Mar 14, 2014
5733 Thibault Andre Repurposing Network Tools to Inspect File Systems GCFA Feb 27, 2014
21165 Bond Trenton Rapid Triage: Automated System Intrusion Discovery with Python GCIH Feb 21, 2014
860 Stanton Michael Integrating Wired and Wireless IDS Data GCIA Feb 11, 2014
30683 Richards James Using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework to Develop Security Requirements GSEC Feb 10, 2014
73 Comella Robert Free and Open Source Project Management Tools GCPM Feb 04, 2014
20255 Young Sue Using Open Source Reconnaissance Tools for Business Partner Vulnerability Assessment GCIH Jan 31, 2014
9591 Mansour Yaser An Early Malware Detection, Correlation, and Incident Response System with Case Studies GCIA Jan 20, 2014
22152 Cui Tianqiang An Approach to Detect Malware Call-Home Activities GCIH Jan 17, 2014
22114 Brown Douglas Active Security Or: How I learned to stop worrying and use IPS with Incident handling GCIH Jan 14, 2014
3698 Kramer Adam Review of Windows 7 as a Malware Analysis Environment GREM Jan 14, 2014
553 Hoehl Michael Understanding what Service Organizations are trying to SSAE GSNA Jan 14, 2014
9220 Lewis Tobias HTTP header heuristics for malware detection GCIA Jan 02, 2014
1212 Hoehl Michael Framework for building a Comprehensive Enterprise Security Patch Management Program G2700 Jan 02, 2014
31888 Webb Tom An Architecture for Implementing Enterprise Multifactor Authentication with Open Source Tools GSEC Jan 02, 2014
309 Couture Erik Bridging the Gantt GCPM Dec 23, 2013
20669 Shanks Wylie Building and Managing a PKI Solution for Small and Medium Size Business GSEC Dec 23, 2013
22519 Christie Scott War Pi GCIH Dec 16, 2013
2418 Pokladnik Mason Getting Started with the Internet Storm Center Webhoneypot GWAPT Dec 12, 2013
33106 Jodoin Eric SOHO Remote Access VPN. Easy as Pie, Raspberry Pi... GSEC Dec 05, 2013
8939 Warren Aron Setting up Splunk for Event Correlation in Your Home Lab GCIA Nov 25, 2013
60 Nepomnyashy Michael Protecting applications against Clickjacking with F5 LTM GWEB Nov 21, 2013
105 Brown Kelly Jo The Dangers of Weak Hashes GWEB Nov 20, 2013
20934 Young Jason Comparative Risk Analysis Between GPON Optical LAN and Traditional LAN Technologies GSEC Nov 11, 2013
4334 McGlasson William Testing Application Identification Features of Firewalls GCIA Nov 08, 2013
9545 Roberts Carrie A Hands-on XML External Entity Vulnerability Training Module GCIA Nov 04, 2013
13368 Jackson Benjamin Home Field Advantage: Employing Active Detection Techniques GCIH Oct 30, 2013
8034 Robinson Alyssa Using Influence Strategies to Improve Security Awareness Programs GSLC Oct 25, 2013
3387 Druin Jeremy Introduction to the OWASP Mutillidae II Web Pen-Test Training Environment GWAPT Oct 22, 2013
134 Farnham Greg Tools and Standards for Cyber Threat Intelligence Projects GCPM Oct 22, 2013
21003 Fletcher David Implementing a PC Hardware Configuration (BIOS) Baseline GSEC Oct 16, 2013
11864 More Josh Talking Out Both Sides of Your Mouth: Streamlining Communication via Metaphor GCIH Oct 04, 2013
8935 Lyon Dan Predicting Control Attributes With Bayesian Networks GCIA Oct 02, 2013
7974 Mavretich Robert J. Building and Maintaining a "Certifiable" Workforce GSLC Sep 23, 2013
8269 Proffitt Tim How Can You Build and Leverage SNORT IDS Metrics to Reduce Risk? GCIA Sep 19, 2013
33668 Farrell Chris Securing Static Vulnerable Devices GSEC Sep 17, 2013
32924 Cain Chris Controlling Vendor Access for Small Businesses GSEC Sep 17, 2013
8639 Brower Joshua The Security Onion Cloud Client Network Security Monitoring for the Cloud GCIA Sep 17, 2013
3391 Zahn Kenneth Case Study: 2012 DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge Basic Malware Analysis Exercise GREM Sep 09, 2013
20872 Khalil George SMS, iMessage and FaceTime security GCIH Sep 09, 2013
7843 Webb Tom Open Source Host Based Intrusion Detections System (OHIDS) GCIA Sep 06, 2013
10743 Murphy Christopher Using DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to Protect your Email Reputation GCIH Aug 22, 2013
8443 Wadner Kiel 60 Seconds on the Wire: A Look at Malicious Traffic GCIA Aug 22, 2013
3393 Nair Sajeev Live Response Using PowerShell GCFA Aug 20, 2013