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Analyst Last Name First Name Paper Cert Date
33587 Neise Patrick GSEC Feb 04, 2016
37870 Quist Nathaniel Active Defense Through Deceptive Configuration Techniques GSEC Jan 29, 2016
10987 Abelarde Jesus Security Systems Engineering Approach in Evaluating Commercial and Open Source Software Products GCIA Jan 29, 2016
11035 Bosco Phillip Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Best Solution, Common Misconfigurations, Evasion Techniques, and Recommendations. GCIA Jan 25, 2016
724 Nelson Nell The Impact of Dragonfly Malware on Industrial Control Systems GICSP Jan 22, 2016
226 Hershberger Paul Budgeting for the Critical Security Controls GCCC Jan 20, 2016
36523 Ashford Tim Implementing Least Privilege in an SMB GSEC Jan 20, 2016
9559 Imbert Courtney Using Virtualization in Internal Forensic Training and Assessment GCFA Jan 20, 2016
10847 Winkel Stefan Network Forensics and HTTP/2 GCIA Jan 18, 2016
10994 Adams Robert How to Leverage PowerShell to Create a User- Friendly Version of WinDump GCIA Jan 18, 2016
3394 Veres-Szentkiralyi Andras Testing stateful web application workflows GWAPT Jan 14, 2016
2558 Drosyk John The Edge (of the Network) is Everywhere Redefining the traditional sense of the perimeter GPPA Jan 14, 2016
8802 Bogomolniy Oleg The Nightmare on Cryptville Street: 20 Pills for a Night of Sleep GSLC Jan 12, 2016
353 Hendrick Jim An Organic Approach to Implementing the Critical Security Controls GCCC Jan 12, 2016
10916 Cook Timothy Zork as a Computer Investigative Mind Set GCIA Jan 07, 2016
37296 Currie Roderick Developments in Car Hacking GSEC Jan 07, 2016
170 Roberts Glen Cybersecurity Inventory at Home GCCC Jan 07, 2016
8521 Brodsky Charles Database Activity Monitoring (DAM): Understanding And Configuring Basic Network Monitoring Using Imperva's SecureSphere GCIA Jan 05, 2016
10157 O'Brien Christopher Automated Network Defense through Threat Intelligence and Knowledge Management GCIA Jan 04, 2016
32498 Llewellyn Larry Moving Legacy Software and FOSS to the Cloud, Securely GSEC Dec 29, 2015
9206 Deck Stephen Extracting Files from Network Packet Captures GCIA Dec 29, 2015
3369 Panczel Zoltan Burp Suite(up) with fancy scanning mechanisms GWAPT Dec 29, 2015
360 Robinson Alyssa Continuous Security: Implementing the Critical Controls in a DevOps Environment GCCC Dec 23, 2015
10740 Toussain Matthew Clickbait: Owning SSL via Heartbleed, POODLE, and Superfish GCIA Dec 23, 2015
37766 Adams Robert The Power and Implications of Enabling PowerShell Remoting Across the Enterprise GSEC Dec 23, 2015
10066 Switzer David Poaching: Hunting Without Permission GCIA Dec 23, 2015
25334 Dhinwa Yogesh Applying Data Analytics on Vulnerability Data GCIH Dec 23, 2015
10792 Miller Marsha Exploits of Yesteryear Are Never Truly Gone GCIA Dec 23, 2015
810 Mellone Jennifer Investigative Forensic Workflow-based Case Study for Vectra and Cyphort GCFE Dec 18, 2015
10843 Obregon Luciana Infrastructure Security Architecture for Effective Security Monitoring GCIA Dec 11, 2015
8624 Moldes Christian Compliant but not Secure: Why PCI-Certified Companies Are Being Breached GSLC Dec 09, 2015
36691 Smith Scott Shedding Light on Cross Domain Solutions GSEC Dec 09, 2015
4124 Koch Matthew Web Application File Upload Vulnerabilities GWAPT Dec 07, 2015
3217 Batchelor Jason On the x86 Representation of Object Oriented Programming Concepts for Reverse Engineers GREM Nov 24, 2015
8783 Rynn Philip United Airlines May 2015 Data Breach: Suggested Near, Mid and Long-Term Mitigating Actions Using the 20 Critical Security Control GSLC Nov 23, 2015
37175 Garris John There's No Going it Alone: Disrupting Well Organized Cyber Crime GSEC Nov 23, 2015
37592 Reed David Encryption Solutions for Small Networks GSEC Nov 20, 2015
11168 Doran Michael A Forensic Look at Bitcoin Cryptocurrency GCFA Nov 16, 2015
32888 Zamora Edward Cloud Assessment Survival Guide GSEC Nov 10, 2015
1372 Karshiev Ergash Framework for Innovative Security Decisions GCED Nov 03, 2015
20180 Pandya Gaurang Preparing to withstand a DDoS Attack GCIH Nov 02, 2015
20268 Knowles Ben Analysis and Reporting improvements with Notebooks GCIH Nov 02, 2015
9221 Ackerman Paul The LogLED An LED-Based Information Security Dashboard GCIA Nov 02, 2015
8966 Teo Jia Yeong Lionel Learning from the Dridex Malware - Adopting an Effective Strategy GCIA Oct 29, 2015
8455 Dunn Sandra The Scary and Terrible Code Signing Problem You Don't Know You Have GSLC Oct 29, 2015
210 Dunn Sandra The Business Case for TLS Certificate Enterprise Key Management of Web Site Certificates Wrangling TLS Certificates on the Wild Web GCCC Oct 28, 2015
7633 Balakrishnan Balaji Security Data Visualization GSLC Oct 28, 2015
86 Belangia David Audits Made Simple GCCC Oct 27, 2015
36253 Hawkins Brett Case Study: The Home Depot Data Breach GSEC Oct 27, 2015
90 Haselhorst Dallas Uncovering Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Using PowerShell, Event Logs and a Traditional Monitoring Tool GCCC Oct 27, 2015