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Press Room

2014-11-11 - America's Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

America's critical infrastructure- the utilities, refineries, military defense systems, water treatment plants and other facilities on which we depend every day- has become its soft underbelly, the place where we are now most vulnerable to attack.

2014-10-15 - Global Information Assurance Certification Announces a New Mobile Device Security Certification

There's an important new cyber security certification coming to market at the end of November.

2014-08-12 - Ernie Hayden breaks downs the GICSP Certification

A new SANS Institute certification, GICSP, could prove useful to industrial control system (ICS) security professionals. Expert Ernie Hayden explains the certification and how to prepare for the exam.

2014-08-12 - Bridging the IT security skills gap

While poaching security talent may plug short-term gaps, outreach and education will solve the long-term shortfall in IT security professionals.

2014-07-17 - How Russians Stole the NASDAQ

In October 2010, a Federal Bureau of Investigation system monitoring U.S. Internet traffic picked up an alert. The signal was coming from Nasdaq. It looked like malware had snuck into the company's central servers. There were indications that the intruder was not a kid somewhere, but the intelligence agency of another country.

2014-04-22 - Verizon Breach Report: Attackers Take Only Seconds To Capitalize On A Basic Security Mistake

Weak and stolen passwords, poorly configured systems and error-riddled applications are at the core of nearly every data breach and security incident, according to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the security industry's annual analysis of data breaches, released Tuesday.

2014-02-25 - 20 Technology Certifications that are Paying Off

Certifications ranging from software lifecycle management to cloud and database architecture to project management are hot skill areas for the year ahead.

2014-02-17 - Incident Handling Skills in Demand

Companies who leverage the cloud have concerns over the security of their data. The migration has increased demand for incident response pros, including reverse engineers and malware analysts.

2014-02-17 - Penetration Testing Skills in Demand

Significant expansions of IT infrastructures have increased demand for experienced penetration testers to find security vulnerabilities in targeted apps, networks, and systems.

2014-02-17 - Automation System Skills in Demand

The increase of systems automation and monitoring within manufacturing companies has led to increased demand for certified automation systems professionals.

2013-12-05 - New Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Certification Exam is Now Available

Global Information Assurance Certification Offers the Only Credential Addressing Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems and Critical Infrastructure

2013-12-05 - New GIAC certification advances industrial cyber security

I live in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. On the southeastern outskirts of metropolitan Houston are the vast industrial complexes of some of the world's largest petrochemical plants. When viewed at night, these brightly lit complexes look like massive cities unto themselves â and in a way, that's what they are.

2013-12-05 - New Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Certification Exam is Now Available

Bethesda, MD - December 5, 2013 - Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), a leading provider of cyber security certifications, announced today the release of the new Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) certification exam. This vendor-neutral credential is the only one of its kind addressing the specific cyber security issues in automation and industrial control systems.

2013-09-12 - The Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional Certification (GICSP) is Launching in November

There's an important new cyber security certification coming to market at the end of November. I recently talked to Mike Assante of SANS Institute and Scott Cassity of Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) to get the details because I think there will be tremendous interest worldwide in this certification and the associated training.

2013-08-19 - 7 IT Security Skills Certifications on the Rise

A number of IT security skills certifications requiring candidates to pass exams have sharply gained in terms of demand and pay value, according to a new Foote Partners report.

2013-04-29 - The SANS Institute and Global Information Assurance Certification Announce Their Partnership with the White House's IT Training and Certification Program

The SANS Institute and Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) announced today their participation in the Obama Administration's IT Training and Certification Program, a partnership which will enable thousands of service members to earn industry-recognized information technology certifications before they transition from military service.

2013-04-03 - Demand for Cyber Security Jobs is Soaring

The demand for cyber security experts is soaring, according to a new study by Burning Glass International.