• 1.5 Million

    By 2019, there could be 1.5 million unfulfilled cybersecurity positions.

  • 2/3

    Two-thirds of cyber breaches are caused or enabled by employee negligence or malfeasance.

  • 73%

    73% of firms fail cybersecurity readiness tests.

  • $1.05 Million

    Large US businesses lose an average of $1.05 million to cybercrime each year.

  • Only 18%

    of cyber attacks are driven directly by an external threat.

  • 51%

    of large American firms are still rated as unprepared to defend themselves against cybersecurity risk.

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Cyber Ready.

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  • Cyber Defense

    The essential skills and techniques needed to protect and secure an organization’s critical information assets, business systems, and industrial controls.

  • Penetration Testing

    The identification and assessment of potential attacks and vulnerabilities, and implementation of defenses and immediate responses to contain, mitigate, and remediate risks.

  • Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Threat Hunting

    The acquisition and examination of evidence from digital systems to find and recover known artifacts essential to information and systems security.

  • Management, Legal, and Audit

    The leadership and management of security teams and risk analysis techniques to conduct a technical audit of essential information systems.

  • Application Security

    The design, development, and defense of secure application software and systems.

  • Industrial Control Systems

    The knowledge, awareness, and hands-on technical skills needed to safeguard critical infrastructures, and secure automation and control system technology.



About GIAC

GIAC understands the growing threat facing the modern global enterprise in an increasingly data-dependent world. We continue to adapt the GIAC portfolio of 30+ certifications to assure that a professional's mastery of cyber security knowledge can be applied directly to meet the cross-organizational information security challenges of enterprise, defense, and public sector organizations around the world.

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