Remote Proctoring FAQ

Remote Proctoring FAQ

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NOTE about VPN: Your VPN must be turned off, regardless of the provider, to enable ProctorU testing. For more information, please see "TECHNICAL QUESTIONS".

Scheduling Questions

Q: Why does GIAC offer remote proctoring?

  • A: Due to COVID-19, many Pearson locations are closed or limiting availability. GIAC made a business decision to continue making our exams available to our customers.

Q: Do you still offer testing in Pearson VUE centers?

  • A: Yes, absolutely! However, availability may be limited at any given time due to COVID-19 and associated local restrictions.

    At this time, we highly encourage GIAC candidates to plan on scheduling their exam for remote proctoring through ProctorU. There is no confirmed indication on when Pearson VUE centers will be readily available for exam appointments.

Q: I have not received any ProctorU announcement email from GIAC. When will I receive notification?

  • A: GIAC is rolling out scheduling access to ProctorU based on deadlines, and capacity will be limited during the transition period from May 18 - June 30.

    GIAC will be sending a scheduling activation email notice as soon as possible for all candidates; again, this will be deadline based. Our goal is that you will receive full information from GIAC at least 15 days in advance of your current deadline; in most cases during our roll out period you will receive 30 days notice.

Q: I received an email from GIAC regarding scheduling at ProctorU, but I don't see the option to schedule.

  • A: The transition of GIAC exams to ProctorU will roll out in phases starting May 18. May and June availability will be limited to selected candidates with impending exam deadlines who are unable to test by any other means. Candidates will be proactively contacted by GIAC and told when they can schedule with ProctorU.

Q: I received an email from GIAC about the ability to test with ProctorU, but I want to keep my current Pearson VUE appointment.

  • A: You may keep your Pearson VUE appointment scheduled. We encourage you to confirm with the test site that they are able to deliver your exam at your scheduled appointment. If testing with Pearson VUE is not an option, then GIAC has provided the ProctorU option to ensure you can complete your certification attempt by your deadline.

Technical Questions

Q: Do I really need to turn off my VPN to test with ProctorU?

  • A: Yes, you must turn off all VPNs and adhere to all other ProctorU system requirements. Please review the ProctorU system requirements that all candidates should be aware of prior to testing.

Q: Is remote proctoring less secure than Pearson center (or Pearson VUE) proctoring?

  • A: Anyone who has been in security for any length of time knows that all systems have vulnerabilities and associated operating risks. The only 100% secure testing system is one that doesn't deliver exams at all. GIAC has been a part of the cyber security testing industry for over 20 years and has identified and mitigated risk for the testing methods we employ to the extent reasonably possible.

Q: Why do I need to install a browser extension from ProctorU on my laptop to take my exam?

  • A: The browser extension allows the ProctorU team to verify certain settings on your computer and monitor your exam. If you are not comfortable with installing the browser extension, you can opt to take the exam at the nearest available Pearson VUE center if available or you can use another computer. You can uninstall the ProctorU extension when the exam is completed.

Q: Why can't I take my exam from a Linux laptop?

  • A: If you run Linux, then you are well aware of its capabilities and the variety of Linux flavors. No one, including ProctorU, has made software capable of locking down all varieties of Linux while maintaining a baseline of functionality. Our remote proctor solution simply does not support the varieties of Linux that exist.

Q: The remote proctor technical requirements are not attainable due to using my company's equipment.

  • A: GIAC understands using a work computer may not be feasible due to ProctorU's system requirements. It is an option to use a non-work, personal device that meets the ProctorU requirements .

Q: Will I need a webcam?

  • A: Yes.

Q: What additional technology will I need to test with remote proctoring?

  • A: It is recommended that you use a personal computer with a webcam. You must have reliable, consistent internet access and have access to adjustable permissions on a MacOS or Windows operating system. More information on technical requirements here.

Preparedness Questions

Q: What do I need to do in advance to prepare for a remote proctored exam?

  • A: ProctorU created a short video located at Your exam confirmation email will also have additional steps that include installation of the browser extension and basic system tests.

Q: I have not been able to study, what options do I have to proceed?

  • A: GIAC certification attempts have a 120-day access period to allow candidates to adequately prepare for their exam. Due to the worldwide closures of Pearson VUE test centers, GIAC issued exam extensions for impacted candidates until an alternative solution could be found, resulting in additional time for exam preparation. GIAC's decision to integrate with ProctorU ensures we can resume delivering our exams to customers within the 120-day access period.

    If you need more time to prepare, you can buy a 45-day extension here (link). We understand that circumstances may have changed from your original testing period. If needed, please contact GIAC Support at for further information regarding extensions.

Q: Will it still be open book?

  • A: Yes, the same guidelines apply to remote proctoring. Open book, no digital assets allowed.

    If you registered for a SANS course, you will receive or have received physical copies of your courseware.