GIAC Certifications: Industrial Control Systems

GIAC Certifications:

Top Cyber Security Certifications for Industrial Control Systems

"As a SOC manager I have additional confidence in my team's abilities because they hold GIAC certifications. - Brent Deterding, SOC Manager, Secureworks

Industrial Control System (ICS) environments remain a target for cyber attackers. GIAC ICS Certifications equip security professionals and control system engineers with the security awareness, work-specific knowledge, and hands-on technical skills they need to secure automation and control system technology. GIAC Certifications validate that both security professionals and control system engineers are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to safeguard our critical infrastructures.

Industrial Control Systems
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GICSP: Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional

Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional

  • Hardening Linux/Unix
  • Application Security in Depth
  • Digital Forensics in the Linux/Unix Environment

Affiliated Training:

ICS410: ICS/SCADA Security Essentials

GRID: GIAC Response and Industrial Defense

Response and Industrial Defense

  • Overview and application of Active Defense and Threat Intelligence
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA) Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Analysis
  • Monitoring and Detection ICS/SCADA networks and systems

Affiliated Training:

ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response

GCIP: GIAC Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • BES Cyber System identification and strategies for lowering their impact rating
  • Nuances of NERC defined terms and CIP standards applicability
  • Strategic implementation approaches for supporting technologies
  • Recurring tasks and strategies for CIP program maintenance

Affiliated Training:

ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection


Please Note: No training is required for a GIAC Certification