Certified Professionals: Success Stories

Certified Professionals:

"I think the exam was both fair and practical. These are the kind of real-world problems I expect to see in the field."
- Carl Hallberg, GREM, Wells Fargo

"GIAC made the testing process much better than other organizations. The material is spot on with what I do at work, daily."
- Jason Pfister, GMON, EWEB

"It feels like SANS and GIAC are working with the candidates to help them to meet the required standards, which are achievable with hard work."
- Thomas Gurney, GCIA

"It's an awesome effort: great questions, excellent material and presentation throughout the (training event) week. I've really enjoyed it and will recommend it to many. Thank you GIAC/SANS!"
- Nicholas B., GCIH, Intrasys

On a regular basis we have students share their success stories with us on how their experience with GIAC has served them well. We share them here with you as an encouragement and testimony. Has your GIAC certification served you well? Would you like to share your story here, as well? If so, please send your "Success Stories" to certify@giac.org with your full name and registered email address.