Success Stories: Lisa Y

Success Stories:

Profile from the front line - Lisa Y., SuperNet Project Coordinator for The Alberta Library

The province of Alberta (Canada), is constructing a high-speed backbone MPLS network that will connect to all government offices, schools, public libraries, hospitals, and municipalities in Alberta. As the SuperNet project coordinator for The Alberta Library, I have the responsibility for guiding how public libraries will participate.

There are over 300 public libraries in Alberta and the SuperNet provides the opportunity for them to all work together on one network. As a result, the security of every library depends on the security of every other library.

Not only do I get to work on the practical realities of putting this network together, I get to make sure that whatever we do, we keep security firmly in place. Since each library is an independent entity with its own budget and answerable only to its own library board, there is no way to dictate a secure configuration. I must be able to explain the issues clearly and encourage cooperation with a secure vision.

I write recommendations, proposals, and even training documentation for library directors, staff, techies, and some government departments. As a result, I have to be able to clearly express difficult concepts for people with varying backgrounds and needs.

My GIAC certifications have brought me other opportunities as well. I was invited to write a book about personal firewalls; the publisher contacted me based on the strength of the writing in my GSEC practical. I've also given security presentations to groups of my peers and I've had the privilege of being a local mentor.

My name is Lisa and I work for The Alberta Library. The skills I learned by working through the GSEC and GCWN practicals have served me well. Working through a real-life example is an important part of the learning process for me and writing it up provided an opportunity to practice my written communication skills.