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Renewal: Post Graduate


Main Option - 36 CPEs

Post Graduate Level Information Assurance Courses

Limit 36 CPEs (12 CPEs for each 3-5 credit hour course)

  • Classes must be Graduate or Doctorate/PhD-level courses, at least 3-5 credit hours, related to Information Assurance, and from an accredited institution
    • For a list of accredited institutions, visit
    • For non-US based institutions accredited by non-US based internationally-recognized agencies, an additional application must be filled out.
      • Applications are reviewed by AACRAO, a third-party service that provides GIAC with an evaluation of academic credentials from all countries of the world. Once your application has been reviewed by AACRAO, they will send a report to GIAC, at which time we will determine the appropriate number of CPE's for your completed course work.
      • There is a $75 USD processing fee associated with this application which is paid directly from the candidate to AACRAO
      • Please fill out the application form here
        • Please select 'Individual' Application
        • Then, click the link to submit an application online. ** Under the Purpose of Evaluation, you MUST specify GIAC in the 'Other' option.**
        • For a printable version of this form, click here
    • Graduate or Doctorate/PhD-level courses taken through NSA's Centers of Excellence are also eligible for CPE's:
  • Classes must be completed after the two year mark and before your certification expires, in order to demonstrate ongoing competency.


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