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Certifications: Retired

  Certification Initials
Auditing Cisco Routers The Gold Standard GGSC-0400
GIAC Auditing Wireless Networks GAWN-C
GIAC Business Law and Computer Security GBLC
GIAC Certified Incident Manager GCIM
GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist G2700
GIAC Certified Security Consultant (GCSC) GCSC
GIAC Contracting for Data Security GCDS
GIAC E-Warfare Certificate GEWF
GIAC Ethics in IT GEIT
GIAC Fundamentals of Information Security Policy GFSP
GIAC HIPAA Security Certificate GHSC
GIAC Intrusion Prevention GIPS
GIAC Law of Fraud GLFR
GIAC Legal Issues in Information Technologies GLIT
GIAC Operations Essentials GOEC
GIAC Secure Internet Presence GSIP
GIAC Secure Software Programmer-C GSSP-C
GIAC Securing Oracle Certified GSOC
GIAC Security Audit Essentials GSAE
GIAC Security Awareness GSAW
GIAC Solaris Gold Standard Certificate GGSC-0200
GIAC Windows 2000 Gold Standard Certificate GGSC-0100
Kick Start KS
SEC302 Certificate SSP-HCNS
Stay Sharp: Defeating Rogue Access Points SSP-DRAP