From Tactical Skills to Strategic Management: New GEIR Certification Prepares Leaders for the Cybersecurity Frontlines

Designed to Equip Professionals with Skills to Manage Multi-Platform Threats and Enhance Enterprise Security.

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), the leader in cybersecurity certifications, is proud to announce the launch of the GIAC Enterprise Incident Response (GEIR) certification. This new practitioner certification is tailored for seasoned professionals in the fields of incident response, threat hunting, digital forensics, and enterprise detection.

This certification arrives at a pivotal moment when enterprises are increasingly susceptible to sophisticated cyber threats that traverse multiple platforms. Recent reports underscore the mounting costs of data breaches and the urgent need for advanced incident response strategies that can significantly curtail attacker dwell times and financial impacts. GEIR directly tackles these challenges by arming professionals with the necessary skills to lead incident response teams, detect and hunt down threats at an enterprise level, and conduct comprehensive analysis of multi-platform artifacts.

"The GEIR certification is designed for those at the forefront of incident response, blending deep technical skills with strategic management capabilities," explains Taz Wake, SANS Certified Instructor and incident response course author. "The course aligned with this certification is built around a realistic scenario, working the students through the phases of IR at scale using tools that help drive a deep understanding. We cover a range of technologies and a lot of data, exactly as you might expect to see in your own enterprise. By learning how to target our response, share CTI, and leverage our tools, we truly step up our IR capabilities to meet even the most dedicated adversary."

Key features of the GEIR certification include:

  • Advanced training in managing and coordinating incident response across thousands of hosts.
  • Techniques for analyzing and correlating artifacts from varied system types to understand the full scope of threats.
  • Strategic skills development for leading and organizing a team of incident responders.

GEIR stands out as the pinnacle of practitioner-level endorsements, propelling individuals not just to participate in but also to guide the discussions and initiatives that shape the security posture of their organizations at an enterprise level. This certification is a significant step towards career advancement and professional recognition.

To learn more about the GIAC Enterprise Incident Responder certification and register, please visit our official GEIR page.