Cyber Defense Certifications

Cyber defenders play an essential role in securing the enterprise. Defending against attacks is only possible with the right skill set - and confidence in your abilities and those of your team. GIAC's Cyber Defense certifications span the entire defense spectrum and are focused in two areas: cyber defense essentials and blue teaming. Whether your needs are beginner-level, advanced, or for a specialized area of defense, GIAC has the credentials you need to keep your organization safe from the latest threats.

Purple Team Certifications

Improve the "red-blue" feedback loop by certifying in cross-focus areas.

"Working in a Managed Detection & Response team, my GSEC gave me the building blocks needed to become a well-rounded defender and has sparked my motivation to continue getting more education and certs. I am now enrolled in GCIH and I can already tell this course will boost my confidence and skills to protect organizations across the globe." - Nate Gonzalez, GSEC, GCIH