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2024-04-25 - From Tactical Skills to Strategic Management: New GEIR Certification Prepares Leaders for the Cybersecurity Frontlines

  • Designed to Equip Professionals with Skills to Manage Multi-Platform Threats and Enhance Enterprise Security.

2024-01-25 - GIAC Sets New Standard in Cybersecurity with Red Team Professional (GRTP) Certification

  • A Strategic Leap Forward in Advanced Cybersecurity Training and Defense Capabilities

2023-11-21 - Elevating Cyber Expertise: GIAC's GX-PT Certification Sets a New Benchmark for Penetration Testers

  • The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is setting a new benchmark in the cybersecurity industry with the introduction of the GIAC Experienced Penetration Tester (GX-PT) Certification.

2023-09-18 - Beyond the AI Hype: GIAC's GMLE Certification Translates Theory to Tangible Skills

  • As the conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) shifts from what's possible to what's practical, the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) introduces an indispensable tool for today's cyber practitioners-the groundbreaking Machine Learning Engineer (GMLE) Certification.

2023-08-03 - Announcing the GIAC GX-FA: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Certification for Forensic Experts

  • GIAC, the Global Information Assurance Certification, proudly introduces GX-FA, the highly anticipated Experienced Forensic Analyst certification. GX-FA is GIAC's first Applied Knowledge Certification within the Digital Forensics and Incident Response focus area.

2023-04-10 - SANS Institute Returns to RSA Conference 2023 with a Highly Anticipated Keynote & the Launch of GIAC's New Certification Journey

  • Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) will debut a new Certification Journey, an innovative approach that offers candidates unparalleled flexibility in creating their own path to success and showcasing their advanced skills in the cybersecurity field.

2022-10-19 - GIAC Announces the Industry’s First Certification to Address the Unique Forensic Needs of Cloud-Based Environments

  • In response to more organizations and enterprises of all sizes migrating to cloud-based environments and the need to bring examiners up to speed with the rapidly changing world of enterprise cloud environments.


  • With the world of cybersecurity professionals facing an ever-evolving threat landscape and rapid technological advancements, GIAC Certifications is proud to announce two new certifications.

2021-09-07 - Build A Security Operations Career with GIAC's New Cyber Security Certification

  • Establishing and maintaining a security operations center (SOC) that can identify and respond to issues is an essential part of defending any enterprise.

2021-08-18  - Secure Public Cloud Platforms with GIAC's New Cyber Security Certification

  • With the widespread adoption of cloud computing technology in recent years, public cloud service providers are now part of most enterprises in some capacity.

2021-07-27 - GIAC's New Certification Kickstarts Cybersecurity Careers

  • With the NEW GIAC Foundational Cybersecurity Technologies (GFACT) certification, anyone – regardless of their experience level and tech know-how – can make the shift into cyber.

2021-04-13 - GIAC Certifications Announces New Cloud Security Essentials Certification

  • GIAC's cloud security certifications are designed to help practitioners master the practical steps to defend the cloud against the most dangerous threats – and GIAC's newest certification, GIAC Cloud Security Essentials (GCLD), is no exception.

2021-02-16 - GIAC Announces New Cloud Penetration Testing Certification

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cybersecurity certifications, has launched a new certification: GIAC Cloud Penetration Tester (GCPN).

2020-08-04 - GIAC Continues to Launch New Certifications for Cybersecurity Skill Needs

  • Despite the economic, social, and political changes that have taken place across the globe due to Covid-19, the importance of information security hasn't changed.

2020-04-27 - GIAC Certifications Launches Remote Proctoring

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cyber security certifications, recognizes the significant role that technology is playing in all our lives at this unique point in time. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions around the world, including the mandatory closure of testing centers.

2020-04-22 - GIAC Launches New Cyber Security Certification for GIAC Cloud Security Automation

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cyber security certifications, has launched a new certification: GIAC Cloud Security Automation.

2020-03-20 - MEDIA ALERT: GIAC Launches 'Trust Me, I'm Certified' Podcast Series

  • GIAC Certifications, a certification body and an affiliate of the SANS Institute, today announced the Trust Me, I'm Certified podcast series.

2020-01-06 - GIAC Launches New Cyber Security Certification for GIAC Enterprise Vulnerability Assessor

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cyber security certifications, has launched a new certification: GIAC Enterprise Vulnerability Assessor.

2019-08-05 - GIAC Launches New Cyber Security Certification for GIAC Defensible Security Architecture

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cyber security certifications, has launched a new certification: GIAC Defensible Security Architecture (GDSA).

2018-10-09 - GIAC Launches New Certification for GIAC Defending Advanced Threats, GDAT

  • GIAC Certifications, known for providing the highest standard in cyber security certifications, has launched a new certification: GIAC Defending Advanced Threats (GDAT).

2016-09-27 - GIAC Launches New Certification for Advanced Smartphone Forensics, GASF

  • The new GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics is for professionals who want to demonstrate that they are qualified to perform forensic examinations on devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

2016-05-09 - GIAC Launches New Certification for Python Coders, GPYC

  • Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), the leading provider and developer of Cyber Security Certifications, has launched a new certification for Python Code (GPYC).

2016-04-08 - Altep Team Members Achieve Prestigious Certifications

  • GIAC Awards Titles to Duncan del Toro and Daniel Lam

2014-12-23 - Key industries train to thwart cyber attacks

  • While the nation has focused on the dramatic cyber attack against Sony Pictures and the recent hacking of Target and Home Depot, cybersecurity experts say the greater danger is that terrorists will go after the nation's critical infrastructure -- its airports, water treatment plants, power companies, oil refineries and chemical plants.

2014-12-17 - Look How Cute this Military Cyber Warfare Training Ground Is

  • CyberCity, as it's called, serves as a training ground for a new class of specialized "cyber warriors," capable of defending against cyber attack. Every day, soldiers plot to take over the town, by hacking into its schools, its water systems, its power grid, and its Internet, as colleagues and instructors watch on screens in the other room.

2014-11-11 - America's Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

  • America's critical infrastructure- the utilities, refineries, military defense systems, water treatment plants and other facilities on which we depend every day- has become its soft underbelly, the place where we are now most vulnerable to attack.

2014-08-12 - Ernie Hayden breaks downs the GICSP Certification

  • A new SANS Institute certification, GICSP, could prove useful to industrial control system (ICS) security professionals. Expert Ernie Hayden explains the certification and how to prepare for the exam.

2014-08-12 - Bridging the IT security skills gap

  • While poaching security talent may plug short-term gaps, outreach and education will solve the long-term shortfall in IT security professionals.

2014-07-17 - How Russians Stole the NASDAQ

  • In October 2010, a Federal Bureau of Investigation system monitoring U.S. Internet traffic picked up an alert. The signal was coming from Nasdaq. It looked like malware had snuck into the company's central servers. There were indications that the intruder was not a kid somewhere, but the intelligence agency of another country.

2014-04-22 - Verizon Breach Report: Attackers Take Only Seconds To Capitalize On A Basic Security Mistake

  • Weak and stolen passwords, poorly configured systems and error-riddled applications are at the core of nearly every data breach and security incident, according to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the security industry's annual analysis of data breaches, released Tuesday.

2014-02-25 - 20 Technology Certifications that are Paying Off

  • Certifications ranging from software lifecycle management to cloud and database architecture to project management are hot skill areas for the year ahead.