Digital Forensics and Incident Response Certifications

It takes intuition and specialized skills to find hidden evidence and hunt for elusive threats. GIAC's Digital Forensics and Incident Response certifications encompass abilities that DFIR professionals need to succeed at their craft, confirming that professionals can detect compromised systems, identify how and when a breach occurred, understand what attackers took or changed, and successfully contain and remediate incidents. Keep your knowledge of detecting and fighting threats up to date - and your work role secure - with DFIR certifications.

Operating System & Device In-Depth Certifications

Prove your ability to detect, respond to, and recover from an attack.

"Intrusion detection, incident response and digital forensics are my everyday working areas. My GIAC certs provided a practical framework that is comprehensive and effective. Clients trust my work when they know I'm certified and after when the see the result." - Juan Manzano, GSE