Procedures: Exam Feedback


GIAC examinees have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their exams. The following information applies to both certification and recertification examinations.


Once you start your exam, you must answer each question to the best of your ability in the order they appear on your exam. The exam cannot be bookmarked. Once you begin, you must complete the full exam. Each certification exam has its own individual passing point.

GIAC Exam Feedback

While taking your exam, you have the ability to mark questions for subsequent review. You will NOT be able to go back and answer these questions again. When you complete your exam, you will have an opportunity to comment on questions you marked for review during the exam through the exam feedback form. Please note: For security reasons, you will NOT be able to view the answer options for marked questions in the exam feedback form.

Your feedback is a valuable resource for us. GIAC Technical Directors review all feedback during scheduled audit cycles for each exam and every comment is taken very seriously. Due to policies put in place to ensure fairness in grading for all certification candidates, GIAC does NOT award credit on commented exam questions. However, your comments will still be used to improve the exam. If you have specific comments or questions please provide as much information as possible.

At this time, comments about the following areas are being accepted:

  • Typographical errors (spacing, formatting, etc.)
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Technical inaccuracies
  • Questions appearing to have more than one right answer

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your feedback submission to indicate your comments have been received. This will be the only communication provided regarding question comments. If you require support beyond exam question comments, you have the following options:

For questions regarding proctors, technical support, website feedback, or general information, refer to our contact page.