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Cybersecurity in 2019: Preparing Your Organization for the Next Threats

March 12, 2019

As the electronic connectivity of our lives and businesses continues to grow, so do the risks to our information and assets. Each year, more and more respected brands are being exploited as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated. Cyber-related incidents and the number of individuals or customers impacted by them are only going to continue to increase.

We are entering an era of it's not if your data will be breached, but when.

An attack on your company's assets or data has a tremendous impact on finances and brand. The only way for organizations to prepare and respond to cyber threats is to attract and retain cyber security professionals with cyber defense certifications and the expertise necessary to manage the evolving cyber landscape.

Cyber threats are a moving target for every type of organization as attacks become more sophisticated and impactful. Organizations that are best prepared for malicious tactics are not just anticipating attacks correctly, but also have a team of capable, certified practitioners with specialized cyber knowledge and real-world applicability of their skills.

Enterprise cyber vulnerabilities will continue to be exposed in 2019

In 2018, respected companies had well-publicized data breaches impacting millions of customers:

According to Thales e-Security's 2018 Data Threat Report, US federal agencies are experiencing a high rate of incidents, with 71% of IT security professionals reporting at least one data breach.

According to Symantec, cyber security predictions for 2019 foresee more and more major corporate systems under attack. They predict that more organizations, governments, and individuals will be impacted by the following cyber threat events in 2019:

Don't react; certify your InfoSec force with cyber defense certifications

What is your organization doing to ensure you have the specialized expertise to respond to the imminent threats on your company's assets and customer information? Hiring and maintaining individuals with the subject matter expertise and knowledge of cybersecurity best practices will be the most important part of your company's cyber strategy. With over 30 certifications across 7 domains, hiring a workforce with GIAC credentials means that you have an InfoSec force with true hands-on cybersecurity skills that go beyond theory. A mastery of specific jobs duties and technologies means that no matter how the cyber threat evolves next, you can count on your InfoSec force to defend the enterprise against even the most sophisticated of attacks. To feel prepared for cybersecurity risk in 2019, hire cybersecurity professionals with GIAC certifications.

Be cyber-ready on day one in 2019. Hire the right people with the right credentials for each role on your team.

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