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Explore GIAC Certifications in Offensive Operations

November 2, 2020

It's critical to have the skills to tackle weaknesses and vulnerabilities facing the enterprise. GIAC's offensive operations certifications test your ability to analyze and apply hands-on skills - so you can protect the organization on day one.

We've got the credentials you need regardless of your current job title or skill level. No matter what area of offensive operations you're in, all of GIAC's red team certifications are focused on specialized job-role tasks.

A GIAC-certified offensive operations professional has proof that they can succeed in a real-world work environment.

GIAC exams with CyberLive testing go further. CyberLive exams are practical, virtual machine exams in a lab environment requiring test takers to perform hands-on tasks. GCIH, GPEN, and GXPN currently feature CyberLive testing, with more to come in the near future. Practical testing provides critical skill validation as well as added value for both practitioners and employers.

Jason Sevilla, a GCIH-certified professional, says, "Attackers are always evolving, and having a GIAC cert prepares you to evolve with them. It allows you to implement the appropriate methods and best practices in your company while understanding it's a continuous fight."

GIAC's offensive operations certifications cover multiple skill levels to ensure practitioners are well-qualified in essential offensive abilities.

"Taking GPEN and GXPN has helped me understand the system vulnerabilities from an attacker's mindset. This has helped me immensely with my job." - Scott Sheahan, LinkedIn

GIAC's specialized red team, purple team, and exploit development certifications allow you to prove that you have all the tools necessary to combat threats to the enterprise.

Certify with GIAC to prove your ability to:

"Working as an Information Security Manager, my GCIH has helped me to build a foundation to improve our IR program. Additionally, it has helped me change the way we do alerting and monitoring in order to better facilitate incident handling should it become necessary," says Caleb Hoch, GCIH.

Prove your mastery of successful penetration testing and ethical hacking skills with GIAC certifications.

Ready to get certified? Explore essential offensive operations certifications for all levels.

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