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GIAC Launches New Cloud Penetration Tester Certification

February 16th, 2021

In today’s complex cybersecurity threat landscape, cross-discipline skills are more critical than ever. Ensuring practitioners have the expertise to work across multiple focus areas – especially the cloud – is essential for enterprise security.

The NEW GIAC Cloud Penetration Testing (GCPN) certification proves that practitioners have mastered the skills necessary to conduct cloud-focused penetration testing and assess the security of systems, networks, architecture, and cloud technologies. Professionals who obtain the GCPN certification are qualified to assess and report on the risk that an organization faces if their cloud services are left insecure.

GCPN is the premier cloud penetration testing certification available to practitioners. If you’re a penetration tester, vulnerability analyst, or an attack or defense focused security practitioner, confirm you possess these essential abilities and secure your place in the cybersecurity workforce by getting GCPN certified today.

Get GCPN certified:

Moses Frost, SANS SEC588 course author, says "The GIAC Cloud Penetration Testing (GCPN) certification provides our industry with a first focused exam on both cloud technologies and penetration testing disciplines. This certification will require a mastery in assessing the security of systems, networks, web applications, web architecture, cloud technologies, and cloud design. Those that hold the GCPN have been able to cross these distinct discipline areas and simulate the ways that attackers are breaching modern enterprises.”

GCPN is designed to validate skills taught in the SANS Institute course SEC588: Cloud Penetration Testing. The GCPN certification is now available to the public, and registration is open online. Get your GIAC Cloud Penetration Testing certification today to confirm your ability to ensure the safety of your organization.

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