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Why Certify with GIAC?

August 27, 2020

When you pass a GIAC certification, it’s validation that you’ve mastered the skills to get the job done. Infosec professional Aaron Lancaster says “Being GIAC certified garners the trust and recognition needed to win over decision makers and contributors to a better way. It illustrates deep technical knowledge and understanding.”

We know that certifications have significant value in the cyber security industry. There are many certification bodies out there offering information security credentials. But what’s the difference when you certify with GIAC?

Why should YOU get GIAC certified?

GIAC certifications span the breadth of infosec. Our certifications are concentrated in focus areas: offensive security, cyber defense, cloud security, DFIR, management, and ICS. Each focus area has multiple certifications testing various abilities and skill levels. Rather than skimming the surface of different skillsets, GIAC certifications are a mile deep for specialized job-focused tasks. This allows us to thoroughly validate a practitioner’s abilities and likelihood of success in a real-world work environment.

Developing certifications that are specialized allows us to respond to the needs of our practitioners, organizations, and the overall industry. Research done by Fortinet revealed that the most-cited hard to hire for position in infosec today is a Cloud Security Architect. This year, GIAC released GCSA: GIAC Cloud Security Automation, our certification associated with SANS SEC540: Cloud Security and DevOps Automation. GCSA – like our other specialized certifications – proves that a practitioner is qualified to fill that sought-after job role, helping professionals get jobs and helping employers fill critical openings at their organization.

GIAC is set apart from other certification companies because of our dedication to the quality and accuracy of our exams. Our team of exam developers is made up of experts who have devoted their professional lives to infosec – both at GIAC and as practitioners in the field. That industry experience is invaluable when it comes to developing questions for an exam in a way that directly corresponds to how practitioners think and act in real-life situations.

All GIAC exams assess real-world skills.

GIAC’s CyberLive exams are practical virtual machine exams in a lab environment requiring test takers to perform hands-on tasks mimicking what they might find in their daily work. CyberLive testing sets GIAC apart as a leader in infosec skill validation. Practical testing provides added value to both practitioners and employers.

“Hands-on really helps solidify that cert. When you have that, we are confirming that this individual can sit in front of a computer and do that job,” says Tony Knutson, GPEN, GDAT, and GAWN.

GIAC isn’t a “one and done” certification organization. We want to guide you on your career journey through progressively more complex skills and job roles. GIAC certifications set you on a path to becoming an expert in security. The GSE is widely recognized in the industry and is an achievement that all security practitioners can and should aim for.

GSE was recently ranked the highest-value certification in the industry based on the salary premiums received by certification holders. Doug Burks, GSE and founder of a security firm, says The GIAC Security Expert Certification, GSE, is a challenging certification and is advancing the cybersecurity industry. GSE holders have demonstrated their skills, experience, and determination. The GSE can help you improve your career and your organization’s security posture.”

Once you earn your GIAC certification, you may have achieved your short-term goal, but the long-term effects are just beginning. Beyond employer recognition, job opportunities, and personal pride, you also become part of the SANS and GIAC community. High scorers are invited to join the GIAC Advisory Board, but everyone who successfully completes their certification exam is welcomed into the ecosystem to share information, explore resources, and create new connections.

Frederik Raabye, GSEC and GWAPT, says, “The best thing about a GIAC cert is that beyond earning the certification itself, you enter a sharing community of specialists that allows you to continue learning and sharing what you learn.”

We can’t wait to welcome you into the GIAC Certifications community.

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