SANS training courses and GIAC Certifications go far beyond theory and teach technical, hands-on skills necessary to defend our nations networks and critical infrastructure against foreign and domestic threats. SANS training and GIAC Certifications focus on advanced knowledge, skills and applications needed to prove your team can meet Federal Contract requirements.

The NICE Framework provides a blueprint to categorize, organize, and describe cyber security work into Specialty Areas, Categories and new Work Roles. It goes further by explaining critical tasks, and knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). The Workforce Framework provides a common language to speak about cyber roles and jobs and helps define professional work role requirements in cyber security.

Using the
NICE Framework

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Using the NICE Framework

SANS and GIAC Certifications are mapped to the NICE Cyber Security Workrole Framework. For ease of use we have formatted both the downloadable .pdf and the Interactive Map utilizing the work role as the basis.

Everything you need to know about that job role, specialty area, and mapped SANS training course and the affiliated GIAC Certifications are located on one page or section; including the SANS Course, GIAC Certification, and proficiency levels. To maintain organizational integrity, SANS / GIAC took the high road approach and only mapped courses and certifications where they made sense.

Basic Information About Proficiency Levels

  • Basic - Training maps to many knowledge statements, simpler skills, and tasks that are pre-requisites to an employee being effective in this job role.
  • Intermediate - Training maps to many mid-level knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks. Employee can be reasonably effective in this job role after receiving training.
  • Advanced - Maps to higher level knowledge, skills, abilities, and tasks. Employee should be very effective in this functional area after receiving training. However, some lower level, pre-requisite KSAs may not be covered by these courses.
  • Expert - Maps to few very specific KSAs or tasks in a highly focused area. This training assumes someone is already well trained and effective in this job role overall. It focuses on expertise in a very specific, narrow area.

Interactive NICE Framework Mapping

SANS and GIAC Certifications has partnered with the National Security Workforce to place over 35 cyber security courses and corresponding GIAC certifications within an easy to read framework (commonly known as the NICE Framework.) The interactive framework below will help you identify the SANS courses and certifications you need to advance your career as a Federal Employee.

Many of the courses and certifications found on the NICE Framework are DoDD 8140 (DoDD 8470) compliant. The full list of DoDD 8140 GIAC certifications can be found here.

Hover over the area of interest on the NICE Framework to get started.

Framework Categories & Specialty Areas
Securely Provision Information Assurance Compliance Software Assurance and Security Engineering Systems Development Systems Requirements Planning Systems Security Architecture Technology Research and Development Test and Evaluation
Operate and Maintain Customer Service and Technical Support Data Administration Knowledge Management Network Services System Administration Systems Security Analysis
Oversight and Development Education and Training Information Systems Security Operations Legal Advice and Advocacy Security Program Management Strategic Planning and Policy Development
Protect and Defend Computer Network Defense Analysis Computer Network Defense Infrastructure Support Incident Response Vulnerability Assessment and Management
Analyze All Source Intelligence Exploitation Analysis Targets Threat Analysis
Collect and Operate Collection Operations Cyber Operations Cyber Operations Planning
Investigate Digital Forensics Investigation

To find a full mapping of the NICE Framework visit: