Certifications: Pricing


Category Price
GIAC Certification Attempt $1,699
GIAC Gold Certification $529
GIAC Security Expert (GSE) Hands-on Lab Fee $2,309
GIAC Security Expert (GSE) Multiple Choice Exam $449
Certification Attempt Retakes $729
Certification Attempt Extensions $379
Gold Certification Attempt Extension $349
Certification Renewal $429

Click here (SANS Affiliate) if you are registering for a certification attempt through an affiliate bundle option. All GIAC orders are non-transferable and non-refundable once your access has been granted. The GIAC certification program only offers certification attempts to individual candidates, including verification of individual identity at multiple steps. GIAC does not permit the resale or transfer of any certification registration or GIAC exam voucher. Each certification attempt purchased is non-transferable and any certification application / registration instance is intrinsically tied to one and only one individual account. GIAC reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.

Contact info@giac.org if you have any questions.