GIAC Certification Renewal

GIAC Certification Renewal

Guidelines and Requirements

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The purpose of certification renewal is to demonstrate ongoing competency in the InfoSec field. GIAC credentials are maintained by using one of two methods:

  • Taking the current version of the certification exam
  • Earning Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs)

GIAC continues to accept a wide variety of professional activities as Continuing Professional Experience (CPE) credits. We have expanded the flexibility of these CPEs to further simplify the maintenance of your certifications.

Start accumulating and tracking your CPE credits as soon as your GIAC certification is earned.  You have until your certification's expiration date to complete CPE submission and payment. All CPE submissions must be acquired within the 4-year period in which your GIAC certification is active.

CPEs accumulated from SANS and GIAC activities will be automatically tracked in your account!

General Information

GIAC certifications require renewal every four years. Registration is enabled at the 2-year mark prior to your certification expiration date.

We offer several options to demonstrate ongoing competency in the Information Assurance field and maintain your GIAC certification. Each activity has its own CPE value and can be used towards 1, 2, or 3 certification renewals, depending on the activity. Please click on individual links below for more information.

The certification maintenance fee is a non-refundable $429 payment, due once every four years at the time of registration.

It is your responsibility to submit CPE information and documentation in advance of your certification's expiration date. To ensure your application is processed in time, please allow 30 days for processing, from the time of completed submission.

Need step-by-step guidance on the renewal process? Take a look at our how-to guide!

Download How-To Guide

CPE Categories

Activity Max Credits Can be applied to...
Primary Options: Affiliated Activities
SANS Training, New GIAC Certification, GIAC Gold Paper 36

3 certifications

Primary Options: Non-Affiliated Activities
ISO-17024-Accredited InfoSec Related Certifications and Affiliated Training 36 2 certifications
Graduate Courses 36 2 certifications
Published Works 36 2 certifications
Supplementary Options
Other InfoSec Related Training 18 1 certification
Cyber Ranges/Activities 12 1 certification
Field Work Experience 12 1 certification
Community Participation 12 1 certification

Requirements for CPE submission

  • When renewing by CPE option for GIAC certifications the following steps must be followed:
    • Submit and assign CPEs to GIAC certification needing renewal and attach all supporting documentation.
    • Provide justification for CPEs assigned if required
    • If documentation is not provided at time of submission, it will be rejected and will require resubmission once all documents are available
    • Submit non-refundable payment for maintenance fee - $429
  • The ability to complete registration starts at the 2-year mark prior to your certification expiration date.
  • Applications must be complete with all supporting documentation prior to submission. Applications that are incomplete, or lack the required supporting documentation, will be rejected and will require resubmission once all requirements have been gathered.
  • We suggest submitting your paperwork at least 30 business days prior to your certification's expiration date.
  • A 30 day review of your CPE submission is required after payment has been finalized, please be aware of any renewal deadlines approaching.
  • By choosing the box "Include Books" on your renewal registration, a shipping fee will be assessed to provide the following:
    • An updated set of course books, audio files, and any added content such as DVDs or USBs.
    • Please note: Any additional hardware, such as F-Response and the Windows License, is not included.

Multiple Certification Discounts

Registering for multiple GIAC certification renewals in a two-year period qualifies for a discount. The first renewal is $429, and all additional renewal registrations received within the following two-year period are $219 each.

The two-year mark begins on the date your first renewal registration has been paid. It is not based on certification expiration dates or the date of renewal.


All information submitted under certification maintenance is carefully reviewed by our staff and subject to an audit. Renewal candidates who knowingly and willingly submit false information or forged documents will be reported to the Ethics Council for review. Possible sanctions could include revocation of all GIAC certifications or barring from participation in GIAC community events.

For any ethic concerns or to report ethic issues please visit our code of ethics page: Code of Ethics


GSE certifications can be renewed through the Exam option only. CPE submissions will not be accepted. Renewing your GSE will renew all other current certifications held.

Instructions for the Renewal Process

Submitting and assigning CPEs to specific certification renewals, as well as the registration process, are all completed through your online GIAC Account Dashboard.

  • Once CPE requirements are fulfilled and renewal fee paid in full, your GIAC certification will extend 4 years from its current expiration date, not from the date of renewal.
  • If your GIAC certification is already past its expiration date, contact for your options.

Certification Renewal Registration:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click 'Purchase Renewal'
  • Click the 'Renew with CPEs' option to complete your renewal using your CPE submissions and assignments.
  • Click the 'Take Exam Again' option to renew by taking the current exam for your certification

Submitting CPE:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click 'Manage All Renewal CPEs'.
  • Click 'Submit New CPEs'
  • Select the CPE Category and Subcategory.
  • Enter your information in the fields on the submission form.
  • Click 'Submit Request' for CPE Credit.
  • Attach your documentation as a file or link to URL.
  • Add any supporting documentation if needed.
  • Click 'Submit Request' for CPE credit.
  • Please Note: All CPE submissions and supporting documentation must be in English.

Assigning and Justifying your CPEs:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click 'Manage All Renewal CPEs'.
  • Click on the individual link(s) that say 'Assign'
  • Complete the CPE Justification by clicking the 'Justify' link
  • Answer the two multiple choice questions.
  • Click 'Justify Assignment to Certification'.