Renewal: Community Participation


GIAC Certification Renewal CPE Option: Community Participation

Relevant community participation can be used towards renewing a GIAC certification. Community participation must be completed within four years of when your certification was earned or was last renewed to qualify. Community Participation can earn up to 12 CPEs and can be applied towards ONE GIAC certification. Examples of Community Participation include:

  • SANS/GIAC participation, such as: serving as a SANS conference facilitator, participating in a GIAC exam development projects such as JTAs, question writing, standard settings, audits.
  • Participating/observing webcasts or podcasts such as those run by SANS or Security Weekly (ie: Paul's Security Weekly, Hack Naked TV and Enterprise Security Weekly)
  • Writing an article for an information assurance related publication
Required Supporting Documentation

SANS Facilitator: Please provide a copy of your SANS Work Study email confirmation or Registration Confirmation.

GIAC Job Task Analysis (JTA): Refer to the JTA you participated in and the date completed.

GIAC Question Writing: Refer to the certification for which you wrote questions, name of your POC and date work was completed.

Published Information Assurance Article: Please include a copy of your article as well as documentation verifying when and where it was published.

Webcasts / Webinars and Podcasts: Please provide a copy of your Certificate of Completion. If a Certificate of Completion cannot be provided, please include at least one of the following:

  • Copy of your Registration Confirmation
  • Receipt
  • Screen shots from the webcast
  • A short (2-3 sentences) summary of the content.

Instructions for Completing the Renewal Process

The submitting and tracking of CPE credits, assignment of CPE credits to specific certification renewals, and registration are all completed through your online GIAC Account Dashboard.

Submitting and tracking of CPE Credits:

  • Under 'Certifications' click CPE - Submit and Assign Credits.
  • Click 'Submit New Credits.'
  • Select the CPE Category and Subcategory.
  • Enter your information in the fields on the submission form
  • Attach your documentation as a file or link to url.
  • Add any supporting documentation if needed.
  • Click 'Submit Request' for CPE Credit.

Assignment of CPE credits to certification renewals:

  • Under 'Certifications' click CPE - Submit and Assign Credits.
  • For each submission previously made, you may click the 'Assignment' button.
  • Select which GIAC certification renewal you are assigning to.
  • When you assign CPEs to a certification renewal, you must provide information supporting the relevancy of the activity to the certification being renewed. You will have a choice between pre-set justification options, or you may enter your own statement.

Certification Renewal Registration:

  • Under 'Certifications' click CPE - Submit and Assign Credits.
  • Under 'Certifications' there is a link to 'Purchase Now.'
  • Select the CPE option to complete your renewal using your previous CPE submission and assignments.


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