Renewal: Cyber Ranges / Exercises


Cyber Ranges / Exercises

Relevant Cyber Range Activities and Exercises are hands-on, interactive learning exercises that can be used can be used to demonstrate ongoing competency in the Information Security field related to the certification(s) being renewed.

There are three types of acceptable activities:

  1. DoD Hands-on Range Activities include but not limited to:

    • Defense Industry Joint Cyber Incident Tabletop Exercise
    • CyberFlag
    • National level, Joint Service and Inter-Agency exercises

  2. SANS NetWars Activities

    • Cyber Defense NetWars
    • DFIR NetWars Tournament
    • DFIR NetWars Continuous
    • GRID NetWars
    • ICS NetWars
    • NetWars Cybercity
    • NetWars Courses
    • NetWars Continuous
    • NetWars Experience
  3. Third-Party Cyber Activities such as Cyber Defense Exercises (Red vs. Blue), Capture The Flag (CTF) and Tabletop Exercises.
    Examples of providers include, but are not limited to:

    • Raytheon
    • Merit Network
    • ManTech
    • Cloud Range
Category Guidelines:

The number of CPEs varies by activity:

  • DoD Hands-On Range Activities: 12 CPEs per 2 days
  • SANS Netwars:
    • Netwars Tournament: 6 CPEs per completed tournament
    • Netwars Continuous: 12 CPEs per completion of level 3
  • Third Party Activities: 1 CPE per hands-on hour, with a maximum of 6 CPEs per day.
  • A maximum of 12 CPEs per renewal can be used from this category.
  • CPEs earned in this category can be applied to 1 GIAC certification.
  • The activity must be completed within the four-year period in which your certification is currently valid.
Required Supporting Documentation:
  • Certificate of Completion that includes participant name, name of the activity, training provider, complete dates and training hours
  • SANS NetWars:
    • NetWars Tournament: Please include a copy of your Certificate of Completion for 6 CPEs.
    • NetWars Continuous: Please include a copy of your Certificate of Completion or a copy of your Progress Report verifying you have achieved Level 3 access for 12 CPEs.

You must include documentation as noted above at the time of submission. All CPE submissions and supporting documentation must be in English.