Renewal: Other InfoSec Related Training


Other InfoSec Related Training

InfoSec related non-ISO-17024-accredited training or activities can be used to demonstrate ongoing competency field related to the certification(s) being renewed. Examples of other InfoSec related training providers include, but are not limited to:

  • Offensive Security
  • Palo Alto
  • Splunk
  • Black Hat
  • Conferences/Seminars*
  • AWS
  • RSA
  • Cybrary
  • F5
  • All Military/DISA/DOD training (except CyberRanges)
Category Guidelines:
  • You may earn 1 CPE per completed training hour, or a maximum of 6 CPEs per full day.
  • A maximum of 18 CPEs per renewal can be used from this category.
  • CPEs from this category can be applied to 1 GIAC certification renewal.
  • The training must be completed within the four-year period in which your certification is valid.
  • Certifications earned without completion of an associated training course do not qualify.
Required Supporting Documentation:

Sufficient supporting documentation must show evidence of all of the following:

  • Earner's name
  • Name of training provider
  • Name of training course
  • Dates of training or total training hours

You may need to submit multiple documents to satisfy the list above. Some examples of common supporting documentation include:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Attendance Confirmation
  • Training report

*Conferences & Seminars:
We recognize that some conferences provide limited proof of attendance (ex. DefCon, BSides, ShmooCon, etc). We request you provide the following supporting documentation:

  • Conference badge
  • Payment receipt or registration confirmation
  • Event program indicating what presentations you attended

Failure to provide the above three items may result in submission rejection or an award of less than 6 CPEs per day.

You must include documentation as noted above at the time of submission. All CPE submissions and supporting documentation must be in English.