Renewal: Graduate Course


Graduate Course

Relevant graduate-level (Master's or Doctorate/PhD-level) courses from an accredited institution can be used to demonstrate ongoing competency in the Information Security field related to the certification(s) being renewed. Additionally, teaching a graduate-level course at an accredited institution qualifies for CPEs within this category.

Category Guidelines:
  • Each 3-5 credit hour course can earn 12 CPEs.
  • A maximum of three courses can be used to earn the 36 CPEs needed to renew one certification.
  • Each course can be applied to a maximum of 2 certification renewals.
  • The course(s) must be completed within the four-year period in which your certification is currently valid.
  • Undergraduate coursework does not qualify.
Required Supporting Documentation:
  • Course description(s)
  • Student transcript that includes:
    • Student's name
    • Name of educational institution
    • Name of course(s)
    • Dates of course(s) completed
    • Final grade earned (must be a passing grade to earn CPEs)
  • Teaching a graduate course:
    • Course syllabus listing instructor's name, semester dates, and course overview

You must include documentation as noted above at the time of submission. All CPE submissions and supporting documentation must be in English.

United States-Based Accredited Institutions:

Non-US based accredited institutions:

  • Worldwide Education Services (WES) is used to validate credentials from international institutions to US standards and is required for courses to earn GIAC CPEs.
  • To begin, visit: to learn about the evaluation process, fees and requirements. For GIAC CPE purposes, you will choose the Course-by-Course evaluation option.

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