Renewal: Post Graduate


GIAC Certification Renewal CPE Option:Graduate, Doctorate/PhD Courses

Relevant courses from a graduate-level program or above can be used towards renewing your GIAC certification. The courses must be completed within four years prior to your GIAC certification expiration date to qualify. The courses must be completed through an accredited institution to qualify.

  • Relevant Graduate or Doctorate/PhD level courses can earn 12 CPEs per 3-5 credit hour course.
  • Relevant Graduate or Doctorate/PhD level courses can be used to renew up to TWO GIAC certifications.

A list of United States based accredited institutions can be found at:

Non-US based accredited institutions: Transcript Research is used to validate institutions accredited by non-US based internationally-recognized agencies

An additional application must be submitted and reviewed by Transcript Research, a third-party service that provides GIAC with an evaluation of academic credentials from all countries of the world.

There is a processing fee associated with this application, which is paid directly to Transcript Research from the candidate. These fees are as follows:

  • General Evaluation $95 USD*. Includes a list of each academic credential, the recognition of the school by the Ministry of Education or other education authority, and the US equivalence of the credential. (GPA may be added for $15)
  • Course-by-Course Evaluation $175 USD*. Includes all of the above as well as a listing of each course taken at the higher education level, the grade on the transcript for each course, the US grade (4.0 grading scale) for each course, a suggested credit hour for each course to compare to the US system and the US GPA and total credits. *Please note we do not offer credit values on the course-by-course evaluation of secondary/high school records. *

*Prices are subject to change.

To conduct the evaluation, we require the application, application fee, and official academic credentials. **PLEASE SEE OUR COUNTRY SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS AT **

Once your application has been reviewed by Transcript Research, they will send a report to GIAC, (which you will chose at time of application), we will then determine the appropriate number of CPEs for your completed course work.

NSA's Centers of Excellence: Graduate or Doctorate/PhD-level courses taken through NSA's Centers of Excellence are also eligible for CPEs:

*Required Supporting Documentation: Please include a copy of your transcript verifying course name, name of institution, dates of attendance, credit hours, and grade with your online CPE submission. Please also include copies of your course descriptions.

Instructions for Completing the Renewal Process

The submitting and tracking of CPE credits, assignment of CPE credits to specific certification renewals, and registrations are all completed through your online GIAC Account Dashboard.

Certification Renewal Registration:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click 'Renew Now.'
  • Click the 'Alternative CPE option to complete your renewal using your CPE submissions and assignments.
  • Click the Exam option to renew by taking the current exam for your certification

Submitting and Tracking of CPE Credits:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click CPE - Submit and Assign Credits.
  • Click 'Submit New Credits.'
  • Select the CPE Category and Subcategory.
  • Enter your information in the fields on the submission form
  • Attach your documentation as a file or link to url.
  • Add any supporting documentation if needed.
  • Click 'Submit Request' for CPE Credit.

Assignment of CPE credits to certification renewals:

  • Once logged in to your account, click 'Certification History.'
  • Click CPE - Submit and Assign Credits.
  • For each submission previously made, click the 'Assignment' link next to your qualifying CPE submission.
  • Select your qualifying GIAC certification(s) from the drop-down list.
  • If prompted, please complete the CPE Justification by clicking 'Justify Credit Assignments.'


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