Renewal: Graduate Course


Graduate Course

Relevant graduate-level courses from an accredited institution can be used to demonstrate ongoing competency in the Information Security field related to the certification(s) being renewed.

  • Each 3-5-hour course can earn 12 CPEs.
  • A maximum of three courses can be used to earn the 36 CPEs needed to renew one certification.
  • Each course can be applied to a maximum of 2 certification renewals.
  • The course(s) must be completed within the four-year period in which your certification is currently valid.

Required Supporting Documentation:

  • Course description(s)
  • Student transcript that includes:
    • Student's name
    • Name of educational institution
    • Name of course(s)
    • Dates of course(s) completed
    • Final grade earned

If documentation is not provided at time of submission, it will be rejected. You may resubmit once you have the proper documentation.

United States-Based Accredited Institutions:

Non-US based accredited institutions:

  • Worldwide Education Services (WES) is used to validate credentials from international institutions to US standards, and is required for courses to earn GIAC CPEs.
  • To begin, visit: to learn about the evaluation process, fees and requirements. For GIAC CPE purposes, you will choose the Course-by-Course evaluation option.

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