Renewal: SANS and GIAC Activities


SANS Training, New GIAC Certification, GIAC Gold Paper

Completion of a relevant SANS Training course, earning a new GIAC Certification or GIAC Gold can be used to demonstrate ongoing competency in the Information Security field related to the certification(s) being renewed. This includes:

  • Live SANS Training
  • SANS OnDemand Training*
  • SANS SelfStudy Training**
  • Teaching a SANS course
  • New GIAC Certification
  • GIAC Gold Paper
  • You may earn 1 CPE per class hour, or 6 CPEs per full day.
  • You may earn all 36 CPEs needed to renew a certification within this category.
  • CPEs from this category can be applied to a maximum of 3 certification renewals.
  • The activity must be completed within the four-year period in which your certification is currently valid.

Required Supporting Documentation:

  • Certificate of Completion

PLEASE NOTE: All SANS/GIAC CPEs are automatically added to your portal account within 7-10 business days from the end of an event/course. If your course does not automatically add your CPE credits, please contact

*To earn a SANS OnDemand Certificate of Completion, you must complete 80% of the assessments with an 80% or higher or view 80% of the slides in the course.

**Students can obtain a Certificate of Completion when the corresponding SANS OnDemand Bundle or GIAC certification attempt has been successfully completed.

When the OnDemand Bundle is not available for a SelfStudy course, downloading all course mp3 files is the requirement for obtaining the Certificate of Completion. To obtain a SelfStudy Certificate of Completion, you must email

  • You can use a maximum of 36 CPEs for completed accredited training: 1 CPE per training hour, or 6 CPEs per full day.
  • You are responsible for the $549 Gold fee in addition to the certification renewal fee, once your Gold application has been approved.

For more information on the Gold program, please visit