GIAC Certifications Response to COVID-19

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For exam scheduling assistance:

For information on how to cancel or change your exam appointment: schedule-exam.pdf

For the latest on Pearson VUE test center updates:

For general information on GIAC certifications:

For the SANS Training Guarantee:


Q: I'm currently in quarantine, can I extend my exam deadline?

A: Yes, if you are unable to safely travel to take a GIAC certification exam before the exam deadline you will be eligible for an extension. Please contact:

Q: Who do I contact if I tried cancelling my appointment but was unable to reach anyone who could assist with my cancellation?

A: Please contact: Exam Scheduling

Q: Will GIAC or Pearson VUE cancel my scheduled exam?

A: If you already have a scheduled exam, your exam appointment will proceed as scheduled unless you have specifically received an email cancellation.

Q: How can I learn more about the safety measures in place at testing centers?

A: All Pearson VUE test centers are following recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization for preventing the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the health and safety of candidates and test center staff, testing centers are encouraged to:

  • Provide hand sanitizer and tissues
  • Allow candidates to bring and wear disposable gloves during testing
  • Allow candidates to bring and wear their own medical face masks during testing
  • Clean each workstation, keyboard, mouse, headset, pen, and locker keys with disinfectant products to ensure a clean & hygienic environment for candidates after each test session
  • Clean the admission desk, proctor desk, equipment and testing items with disinfectant products after each admission session

For official updates from Pearson VUE, please refer to

Q: Can I take my exam remotely or do I have to take it at a Pearson VUE center?

A: Currently the option to take exams remotely is not available to candidates.

Q: How do I check to see if my Pearson VUE center is open and has scheduling availability?

A: You will find the latest Pearson VUE scheduling availability at

Q: Does the SANS and GIAC "Training Guarantee" extend to GIAC certifications?

A: Yes, it does. If you purchased a GIAC Certification exam with a course that has been cancelled or rescheduled, your GIAC exam access and scheduling will remain aligned with your course.

  • If you choose to delay your course, your GIAC Certification access and exam will also be delayed
  • If you choose to take your course online, your GIAC Certification access and exam will align with your online course access
  • If you choose to receive a refund for your course, your GIAC Certification will also be refunded