CyberLive - Hands-On, Real-World Practical Testing

CyberLive - Hands-On, Real-World Practical Testing

CyberLive: The New Mark of Hands-On Cyber Security Skills

Hands-on testing is the future of cybersecurity certification. With CyberLive testing, GIAC is setting the standard for assessment of real skills in the industry - all with the specialized focus that matters for career development and organizations.

Performance Based

CyberLive tests performance based skill sets of critically needed infosec abilities

Skill Identification

CyberLive provides a new tool for employers to identify skilled practitioners

Day One Proof

CyberLive exams confirm practitioners can get right to work on day one

CyberLive proves you've got what it takes

Today's cyber security professionals need:

By challenging yourself with CyberLive, you'll prove to yourself and employers that you have the ability to solve hands-on challenges

Preparing to take a GIAC Certification exam featuring CyberLive? Find out what to expect.

"If a hiring manager is trying to structure desired experience paired with relevant certs, then the practical component of the exam makes them more sure that someone could step in and do the things that their job entails from day one." - Jason Nickola, GSE and COO, Pulsar Security

GIAC Certifications with CyberLive


GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) with CyberLive

The GCIH with CyberLive certification focuses on methods used to detect, respond, and resolve computer security incidents.

  • Incident Handling and Computer Crime Investigation
  • Computer and Network Hacker Exploits
  • Hacker Tools (Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit and Netcat)

Affiliated Training: SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling


GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) with CyberLive

The GPEN with CyberLive certification validates a practitioner's ability to properly conduct a penetration test, using best practice techniques and methodologies.

  • Comprehensive Pen Test Planning, Scoping, and Recon
  • In-Depth Scanning and Exploitation, Post-Exploitation, and Pivoting
  • In-Depth Password Attacks and Web App Pen Testing

Affiliated Training: SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking


GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester (GXPN) with CyberLive

The GXPN with CyberLive certification validates a practitioner's expert-level penetration testing skills and ability to find and mitigate significant security flaws in systems and networks.

  • Network Attacks, Crypto, Network Booting, and Restricted Environments
  • Python, Scapy, and Fuzzing
  • Exploiting Windows and Linux for Penetration Testers

Affiliated Training: SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking


GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT)

GWAPT certification holders have demonstrated knowledge of web application exploits and penetration testing methodology.

  • Web application overview, authentication attacks, and configuration testing
  • Web application session management, SQL injection attacks, and testing tools
  • Cross site request forgery and scripting, client injection attack, reconnaissance and mapping

Affiliated Training: SEC542: Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking


GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)

The GSEC certification validates a practitioner's knowledge of information security beyond simple terminology and concepts.

  • Active defense, defense in depth, access control & password management
  • Defensible network architecture, networking & protocols, and network security
  • Incident handling & response, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Linux security, cryptography, and windows security
  • Security policy, contingency plans, critical controls and IT risk management
  • Web communication security, virtualization and cloud security, and endpoint security

Affiliated Training: SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style


GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) with CyberLive

The GCIA with CyberLive certification validates a practitioner's knowledge of network and host monitoring, traffic analysis, and intrusion detection.

  • Fundamentals of Traffic Analysis and Application Protocols
  • Open-Source IDS: Snort and Zeek
  • Network Traffic Forensics and Monitoring

Affiliated Training: SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth


GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) with CyberLive

The GCFA certification proves that candidates have the knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct formal incident investigations and handle advanced incident handling scenarios.

  • Advanced Incident Response and Digital Forensics
  • Memory Forensics, Timeline Analysis, and Anti-Forensics Detection
  • Threat Hunting and APT Intrusion Incident Response

Affiliated Training: FOR508: Advanced Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Digital Forensics


"Increasingly, the hands-on portion is important to measure the abilities of cyber professionals."- Ben Boyle, GXPN, GDAT, GWAPT