GIAC CyberLive Testing FAQ

GIAC CyberLive Testing FAQ

What is GIAC's CyberLive Testing?

Why practical testing?

I've heard of performance-based testing. How is it different?

Do the CyberLive questions count the same as multiple choice questions?

Do I have more time to answer the CyberLive practical questions compared to the multiple choice questions?

Are the practical questions more difficult?

Are your virtual machines simulations?

How much will the CyberLive portion count towards my final score?

Your virtual machines look a little different than the systems I'm used to. Why?

Is CyberLive content available on practice tests?

When is the CyberLive content presented within exam?

How many GIAC exams currently have CyberLive testing?

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?