GIAC Special Requests

GIAC Special Requests

Special Request Types
Request Disability Accommodation GIAC provides reasonable accommodations to ensure all individuals with disabilities have a fair and equal opportunity, appropriate to the candidate's diagnosis and needs. GIAC applies the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act to both international and domestic candidates alike. Please see the GIAC Disability Accommodation Policy for more information.

For inquiries prior to application for a Disability Accommodation, please contact

Request Complimentary Extension

To request a complimentary extension for Acute Medical Issues, Military Deployment/Duty, or Government Duty, please follow the link to view additional information on how to proceed.

To request a complimentary extension for Bereavement please email and include the date of passing, and relationship to the deceased.

To request a complimentary extension for Natural Disaster, please email with an appropriate amount of context for consideration.

Please Note: *Submitting a request does not guarantee approval*