Customer Support

All general, non-emergency GIAC related questions should be sent to, including questions on:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Certification Availability or Pricing
  • Questions specific to your account, including current or completed certification attempts,
  • problems logging into your portal account, etc. Emergencies should not be sent to this address.
This email is monitored evenings and weekends. Emergency situations should be sent here, including:

  • Practice test problems.
  • Technical exam problems. Please include a full description of the problem, the time it occurred, and any specific error you might have received. Also include your portal email address, SD number and exam ID number.
Inquiries related to renewing current or expired certifications.
Inquires related to printed GIAC certifications.
Inquiries related to scheduling a proctored exam
Inquiries related to participation in standard setting projects you have been invited to participate in. This includes exam development projects such as passing point studies, job task analyses, question development, etc.
Issues related to the website.

To provide comments about specific GIAC exam questions you saw on practice tests or certification exams, please see Exam Feedback Procedure

For GIAC Gold grievances please see the GIAC Gold page.

Formal Complaint

If you have already contacted GIAC using one of the methods described above, and have not received a satisfactory response, you may choose to submit a Complaint form to escalate the matter.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, relating to any aspect of the certification process, where a response is expected.

How to Submit a Complaint:
Submit a Complaint form, making sure to provide:

  • Complaint Type (Application, Exam Content/Scope, Exam Quality, Exam Experience).
  • Description of Complaint with as much supporting documentation and references as possible.
  • Account Information (Name, email address, certification in question)

Response: Every valid complaint which is submitted in accordance with these procedures shall be investigated and the outcome of that investigation, including any suggested corrective actions, shall be communicated in writing to the complainant.

Submit a Formal Complaint Here:
Note: requesting a waiver of the 30 day/1 Year wait period is handled separately. For more information click here: (