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How to Get Your GIAC Certification

Registration FAQ

  • If you submitted your certification application and payment has been processed but you do not receive access within 3 business days, email cert-apps@giac.org for further assistance.

  • Once your certification application is submitted and payment is processed, you should receive access within 3 business days for most orders.

  • For OnDemand orders, you will receive access to the training and exam when you manually start the course from your account, or automatically within 14 days of payment. For in-person or LiveOnline training, you will receive access to the exam 7-10 days afters the conclusion of your training event.

  • You can pay online through your portal account by clicking on ‘My Orders’ and then ‘Pay Order Online’ or phone in payment to SANS Global Customer Care at +1(301)654-7267.

  • Select a GIAC certification and visit the certification webpage to get started.

  • The option to add the GIAC exam is available when you register for the associated SANS training course. Check out the list of SANS courses to get started.

  • Students can add a GIAC Certification exam attempt to their SANS course purchase either during the registration process, or through their SANS Account dashboard up until thirty days after the completion of their in-person, Simulcast, or Live Online course. For OnDemand orders, students have until ninety days after the registration date to add the GIAC Certification exam attempt bundle.

    To add a GIAC Certification exam attempt bundle after registering:

    1. Log in to your SANS Account and click the "My Orders" link in your dashboard
    2. Select "Add Available Bundled Items to Your Order" and submit your payment information to complete your purchase