GIAC Practitioner Exam Prep At a Glance

GIAC certification holders, have shared these exam prep suggestions.

Average Hours Studied
Practice Exams

Start with Training

The best way to prepare for any GIAC practitioner certification is with the affiliated SANS training course. Each SANS training course is a deep dive into critically-needed security skills that are then validated by a GIAC certification. SANS courses are currently offered either Live, Live Online or OnDemand, so no matter which training format you choose, you can meet your preparation goals while maintaining your responsibilities at work and at home.

Training Best Practices

No matter how you prepare for your GIAC practitioner certification, follow these two steps to help you pass your exam.

Four Months to Study for Your Exam

Don't wait! Start studying right after you finish training for best results.

Exam Day Tips

Make sure to have your index, textbooks, and any other printed materials you might need with you whether you’re testing remotely or at an in-person center. Find out more about scheduling and exam day policies.

More Exam Preparation Resources

Explore additional available resources.

I don’t ever take two practice tests in one day. I fix my index up, study sections I am weak on, and sleep on it.
Lesley Carhart
The whole point in building your own index is so you’ll learn and retain the material. Asking for mine or taking someone else’s is a shortcut that will likely lead to your own disappointment come exam time.
Eric Ooi
1. Don’t procrastinate 2. Don’t skip making an index 3. Don’t skip taking the practice exams 4. Don’t squander your time during the exam 5. Don’t beat yourself up
Chris Crowley
SANS Instructor