Trust Me, I'm Certified Episode List

Finding your strategy (and a little social engineering) for "what's next" with O'Shea Bowens - Part 1

A top cybersecurity practitioner discusses strategically building each step of your infosec career through planning, determination, and communication.

Mentorship and Mastering Your Fears with Phillip Wylie

A top penetration tester and former pro wrestler discusses the importance of mentorship, community involvement, and overcoming your fears in developing a fulfilling infosec career.

Breaking and building your way to an infosec career with Chris Elgee

A top penetration tester and challenge developer shares how being playful, continuously challenging yourself, and developing your network can expand your mind - and your career.

Persevering through career setbacks and successes with Micah Hoffman

Micah Hoffman, OSINT expert and SANS instructor, explores the difficulties and the surprising upsides to imposter syndrome, as well as the role of motivation and community connection in building a worthwhile and satisfying career.

Practicing confidence, mental agility, and vulnerability while building your cybersecurity career with Chris Cochran

A threat intelligence expert shares why vulnerability and a supportive environment are essential in the workplace, and how stepping out of your comfort zone can propel you to the next level of your career.

Exploring Imposter Syndrome through Experience, Education, and Gatekeeping with Lesley Carhart

A top cybersecurity practitioner talks about the importance of culture, continuous learning, and work-life balance in overcoming impostor syndrome.

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