An appeal is a request for reconsideration of a decision made by GIAC related to certification status, such as: rejection of certification application, rejection of a certification renewal submission, certification retake decisions, or ethics council decision.

How to Submit an Appeal:

Appeals must be received within 30 days of the event in question. Submit an appeal form, making sure to provide:

  • What is decision is being appealed
  • The grounds on which the appeal is made
  • Relevant documented evidence; including a detailed summary of information surrounding your appeal, including but not limited to:
    • Certification attempt deadlines including account number
  • Indicate what steps were taken to resolve the issue prior to lodging the appeal.
  • Include the specific relief sought

Review: All Appeals will be reviewed, investigated and submitted to the Appeals Committee for final resolution. The Appeals committee consists of impartial representatives from the GIAC certified population. A GIAC Appeal decision is final.

Response: An initial email acknowledgment of receipt will be sent from GIAC within 48 business hours. The outcome of the appeal will be sent via email within 30 business days of receipt of appeal and will specify the outcome of the appeal, the reasons for such outcome, and the specific relief granted, if any.

Submit a Formal Appeal Here