Updated 7/25/2023

I, the parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 18 (“Minor”), consent to the collection, use, and disclosure to third parties of the personal information of the Minor collected by The Escal Institute of Advanced Technologies, Inc. at sans.org (“Escal”) and GIAC, LLC at giac.org (“GIAC”) (Escal and GIAC collectively referred to as "SANS"). Personal information collected may include the Minor’s first and last name, home or other physical address, online contact information, and telephone number. Additionally, some course delivery methods may include the use of webcams and live chat rooms. SANS’s contracted third-party exam providers may collect photos and/or videos that contain the Minor’s image for exam security purposes and I consent to the collection of such photos and/or videos by such third-party exam provider, and the disclosure of such data from the third-party exam provider to SANS.

I understand that certification exam candidates who are Minors, must have parent/legal guardian authorization for each testing instance. In addition, the Minor must have a form of photo identification (“ID”) (e.g., school ID, government ID)* and I must be present during the exam check-in process, and be willing to show a valid government-issued ID during the identity verification process.

I understand that personal information of the Minor collected by SANS will be used by SANS for the purpose of providing information security training and certification exams. Information will be submitted to the appropriate third-party testing provider (currently Pearson VUE or ProctorU) for certification exam administration. Any personal information of the Minor collected by SANS will not be used for any other purpose.

*ID Policies for Minors:

Remote testing with ProctorU:
  • The following pertains to Minors who only have *one* form of ID:
    • ProctorU requires *one* of the following verification methods:
      • School Photo ID
      • Government Issued Photo ID
      • Minor’s birth certificate AND a parent or legal guardian Photo ID to confirm the identity of the Minor
  • Minor must be accompanied at exam start up by the Minor’s parent or legal guardian  who has proper government-issued ID
On-site testing with Pearson VUE:
  • The Minor’s parent or legal guardian must sign next to the Minor on the log-in sheet to verify the Minor's identity