Registration: Certification Attempt


GIAC Certification Attempt

To register for a GIAC certification attempt, you will need to submit an online application and pay the certification registration fee. All applications are subject to approval, which may cause a slight delay in availability of the product after registration.

Click here for a list of the available certification attempts. If you are looking for a certification attempt that is not listed on this page, please check back in the future. Each certification attempt includes 2 practice tests, a $298 value.

Click here if you are registering for a certification attempt through an affiliate bundle option.

Certification Price * Timeframe  
GASF $1,699 4 months  
GAWN $1,699 4 months  
GCCC $1,699 4 months  
GCED $1,699 4 months  
GCFA $1,699 4 months  
GCFE $1,699 4 months  
GCIA $1,699 4 months  
GCIH $1,699 4 months  
GCTI $1,699 4 months  
GCUX $1,699 4 months  
GCWN $1,699 4 months  
GICSP $1,699 4 months  
GISF $1,699 4 months  
GMOB $1,699 4 months  
GMON $1,699 4 months  
GNFA $1,699 4 months  
GPEN $1,699 4 months  
GPPA $1,699 4 months  
GPYC $1,699 4 months  
GREM $1,699 4 months  
GRID $1,699 4 months  
GSEC $1,699 4 months  
GSLC $1,699 4 months  
GSNA $1,699 4 months  
GSSP-.NET $1,699 4 months  
GSSP-JAVA $1,699 4 months  
GSTRT $1,699 4 months  
GWAPT $1,699 4 months  
GWEB $1,699 4 months  
GXPN $1,699 4 months  
  • All prices are shown in US Dollars. All GIAC orders are non-transferable and non-refundable once your access has been granted. The GIAC certification program only offers certification attempts to individual candidates, including verification of individual identity at multiple steps. GIAC does not permit the resale or transfer of any certification registration or GIAC exam voucher. Each certification attempt purchased is non-transferable and any certification application / registration instance is intrinsically tied to one and only one individual account. GIAC reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.

    Contact if you have any questions.