Ensuring Global Security with Cyber Security Certifications

Improve the security posture of global government organizations with GIAC certifications.

Why Certification?

GIAC understands the growing threat facing the modern global enterprise and the unique cyber operations challenges to global government organizations. Unlike civilian organizations, governmental cyberinfrastructure faces its own unique set of cyber operations challenges. As a recognized partner on global frameworks and defensive directives, and as the leading organization in cybersecurity certifications, GIAC certifications prove that government professionals have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to defend systems, networks, and infrastructure.

Meeting the need for framework and directive compliance

GIAC certifications target actual job-based skill sets, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to IT Security. Offering more than 40 specialized information security certifications, developed using the highest benchmarks in the industry, many of these certifications are recognized under governmental frameworks and directives meant to ensure security compliance globally.

DoDD 8570

DoDD 8570 provides guidance and procedures for the training, certification, and management of all government employees who conduct information assurance functions in assigned duty positions.


DoDD 8140

DoDD 8140 is now a larger initiative that will ultimately include a larger framework featuring more knowledge, abilities, and skills subsets, allowing for a broader compliance metric.

Information on DoDD 8140 is forthcoming Winter 2021.


NICE Framework

SANS and GIAC have partnered with the National Security Workforce to place over 40+ cyber security courses and affiliated GIAC certifications within an easy to read framework (commonly known as the NICE Framework).


SANS and GIAC Globally

Our partners in EMEA and APAC are key in navigating compliance frameworks in regions across the globe.