New GSOM Certification for Security Operations Managers & GIME Certification for Forensic Professionals

BETHESDA, MD, June 14, 2022 – With the world of cybersecurity professionals facing an ever-evolving threat landscape and rapid technological advancements, GIAC Certifications is proud to announce two new certifications to confirm which professionals have the specialized skills needed to lead the teams combatting cyber threats and analyze platform-specific data to improve the security of organizations across the globe.

The new GIAC Security Operations Manager (GSOM) certification, recommended for security team leaders, provides the unique combination of management skills, leadership traits, process frameworks, and tools required to direct an effective security operations team. The GIAC iOS and macOS Examiner (GIME) certification, recommended for forensic professionals across any industry, validates a practitioner’s ability to tackle any MAC or iOS investigation and analyze data from all associated devices.

Both certifications are currently available for registration and address gaps in the current market for cybersecurity certifications. In alignment with its mission of providing the highest standard of cybersecurity skill assurance, GIAC Certifications is doing its part to keep enterprises and individuals safe by continuing to release these new certifications.

Earning the GSOM certification is recommended for security operations center managers and leads, analysts, security directors, technical CISOs, and any practitioners interested in a cybersecurity leadership role.

“Obtaining the GSOM demonstrates a practical understanding of how a truly advanced security team operates and how to prioritize security operations tasks to stop today’s advanced cyber threats,” said John Hubbard, author of the affiliated SANS Institute MGT551 Course and Certified SANS Institute instructor.

Earning the GIME certification is recommended for experienced digital forensic analysts, law enforcement officers, federal agents, detectives, media exploitation analysts, incident response team members, information security professionals, and SANS DFIR alumni looking to round out their forensic skills.

“The Mac and iOS market share is ever-increasing, and Apple is now a popular platform for many companies and government entities,” said Sarah Edwards, author of the affiliated SANS Institute FOR518 Course and Certified SANS Institute instructor. “Dealing with these devices as an investigator is no longer a niche skill - every analyst must have the core skills necessary to investigate the Apple devices they encounter. This certification proves they are more than ready for any forensic challenge or incident response involving the platform.”

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