Announcing the GIAC GX-FA: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Certification for Forensic Experts

Bethesda, MD - August 3, 2023 - GIAC, the Global Information Assurance Certification, proudly introduces GX-FA, the highly anticipated Experienced Forensic Analyst certification. GX-FA is GIAC's first Applied Knowledge Certification within the Digital Forensics and Incident Response focus area. The certification is specifically designed for incident handling, threat hunting, and forensic analysis, and represents the pinnacle of expertise in the digital forensics domain.

The GX-FA certification is a rigorous examination of a professional's deep understanding of complex incident scenarios. Through the exam, candidates demonstrate their ability to rapidly triage, process, and analyze diverse enterprise forensics artifacts from multiple sources. Unlike traditional exams, GX-FA unfolds in a 100% CyberLive environment. CyberLive testing allows practitioners to prove their knowledge, understanding, and skills in real-life challenges using actual programs and code in a virtual machine environment.

"The GX-FA not only tests a candidate, but it also pushes them to the limits of their skills and abilities, calling them to use all their experience and knowledge to pass the test," said D'Arcy Davis, GSE #139 & Exam Development Engineer at GIAC.

With the addition of GX-FA, GIAC now boasts four Applied Knowledge certifications and more than 40 Practitioner Certifications. By introducing GX-FA, GIAC has expanded its Applied Knowledge certifications, creating multiple stacking options for those aspiring to build their portfolio and achieve GIAC Security Professional (GSP) or Security Expert (GSE) status. The more Applied Knowledge certifications in their repertoire, the more agile and versatile professionals become in addressing complex cybersecurity challenges.

"Embracing the GX-FA certification is a transformative step for cybersecurity professionals seeking to reach new heights in their careers," said Jeremy Rabson, Executive Director at GIAC. "There are clear benefits to employers in having a GX-FA certified employee on their teams because they know they have demonstrated a level of expertise and confidence in forensics and incident handling that allows them to tackle complex tasks rapidly. GX-FA certified professionals are equipped to handle real-world challenges with unparalleled agility, making them invaluable assets to any cybersecurity team."

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To learn more about the GIAC's newest Applied Knowledge certification, GX-FA, visit the GIAC website and explore the various paths you can take to build your certification portfolio. Stay tuned for another Applied Knowledge certification set to be released by GIAC before the end of 2023.