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73% of firms fail Cybersecurity readiness. Is your organization ready?

December 10, 2018

Cyber Threats Seriously Impact Your Business

Can you guess what the biggest contributor is to the success of security breaches? Two-thirds of cyber breaches are caused or enabled by employee negligence or malfeasance. Worldwide, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million; this will surely rise as threats evolve and become more sophisticated. Yet, 73% of firms fail cybersecurity readiness tests.

One of the ways a company can best protect itself in this market is to ensure their cyber staff is knowledgeable, trained, and certified to identify and respond to cyber threats immediately.

Companies are faced with constantly evolving challenges while conducting business in a virtually-connected world. In order to stay on top of their market, it is critical that organizations take cybersecurity seriously and attract and retain the right talent to understand and respond to the ever-changing cyber landscape. As cyber threats are growing more sophisticated, employers looking to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities need to ensure that their candidates have the right credentials and certifications. Attracting staff with alignment to a cyber security certification program such as Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) better prepares organizations for cyber threats.

Benefits of GIAC Certified Hiring

Industry leaders such as Amazon, Allstate, Discover, Lockheed Martin and Siemens AG have something important in common. When hiring new cybersecurity practitioners, they prefer applicants that hold a GIAC Certification. Why? Because they are enterprises that understand that the modern cyber threat is highly sophisticated. They seek candidates that are GIAC certified because they know that they will have the specialized knowledge and hands-on skills to contribute to their InfoSec force's mission of protecting and securing the modern enterprise from Day 1. Recognizing, evaluating, and correcting cyber security risks across your entire organization requires a fabric of certified security managers and operators to serve as an IT force. Today's leading companies recognize that a SANS trained and GIAC certified InfoSec force is the best way to guarantee the integrity of the operation.

Organizations that are actively recruiting talent with GIAC certifications and providing their existing cyber teams with support to obtain these highly-specialized certifications are taking growing cyber threats seriously and are better prepared to respond and protect assets.

The GIAC Difference

GIAC Certifications develops and administers premier, professional information security certifications. More than 30 cyber security certifications align with SANS training and ensure mastery in critical, specialized InfoSec domains. GIAC Certifications provide the highest and most rigorous assurance of cyber security knowledge and skill available to industry, government and military clients across the world.

Prepare Your Organization

Is your organization ready to handle the cyber attacks on your assets today or in the future? It is estimated that there could be 1.5 million unfulfilled cybersecurity positions by 2019. Attract already certified candidates and continually educate current cyber staff to stay current with the changing cyber landscape; GIAC certified practitioners are better prepared to hit the ground running in their cybersecurity roles.

Cybersecurity is crucial to all industries and attracting talent better prepared to respond on day one is necessary. Check out our website to download expert-vetted job descriptions to build your team with the right people, ready on day one.

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