Sample Job Descriptions

SANS GIAC knows that finding the right candidate is difficult and time consuming for recruiters and HR professionals. Job descriptions are the first thing many professionals seeking a job in cyber security will encounter. The job description has to be thorough yet wide ranging enough to lure enough qualified candidates for a successful interview pool.

We reached out to leading, managing information security professionals and procured job descriptions that we believe will help any person seeking a cyber security professional land the right candidate.

Security Engineer - Analyst, Associate, or Senior

CERTIFICATION: GSEC, GCIH, GCIA or other industry relevant certifications

The [Analyst, Associate, or Senior] Security Engineer will focus on security intelligence, anomaly hunting and incident response. The Engineer must leverage intuition, security knowledge and broad of array of tools and advanced security techniques to uncover malicious activity.

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Security Analyst - Associate or Senior Security Operations Center (SOC)

CERTIFICATION: GCIH, GCIA, GNFA or other industry relevant certifications

A Security Analyst will have proven their skills in Information Security, Information Systems, Packet Analysis, and Data Loss Prevention.

The Security Analyst provides support for complex computer network exploitation and defense techniques to include deterring, identifying and investigating computer and network intrusions; providing incident response and remediation support; performing comprehensive computer surveillance/monitoring, identifying vulnerabilities; developing secure network designs and protection strategies, and audits of information security infrastructure. The analyst will provide technical support for continuous monitoring and computer exploitation; specifically the identification of target mapping and profiling, network decoy and deception operations in support of computer intrusion defense operations. The Analyst will provide technical support for forensics services to include evidence seizure,. Further, the Analyst will research and maintain proficiency in open source and commercial computer exploitation tools, attack techniques, procedures and trends.

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