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We're in it for the long haul

August 13, 2020

At this point in the pandemic, we know Covid-19 isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Our world has already been changed in ways that would have seemed impossible a year ago, and it's likely there are more changes to come. Even once the virus itself is in check, things will never be quite the same as they once were. The entirety of our global society - from nations, economies, and businesses all the way to families and individuals - will make decisions through a different lens.

No matter what difficulties this pandemic presents going forward, SANS and GIAC are in it for the long haul. Cyber threats don't stop just because a global crisis puts many aspects of our lives on hold. In fact, they present an opportunity for bad actors to exploit weaknesses: in just the first few weeks of the pandemic, cyberattacks increased by 30%, and that trend has only continued over the last several months.

We're still in this together, and our commitment to you - the practitioners and enterprises on the front lines - remains strong. If anything, our mission to help cybersecurity professionals learn and validate the skills they need to keep our world safe is stronger than ever. Just as we must work together to overcome the virus, only by working together can we win the fight against cyber threats.

We can't just give up in the face of upheaval and uncertainty. Instead, at GIAC we're changing along with the times. One of the silver linings of facing challenges is the unexpected progress that can occur. Being forced to think creatively and to work around complex restrictions leads to new innovation.

During this pandemic, we've overcome the challenge of quarantine lockdown by introducing remotely proctored certification exams, offering the same quality experience and outcomes that the community has come to expect from the comfort of your own home. Along with SANS OnDemand and SANS Live Online, you can now train and certify wherever you are.

Just last week, we introduced two new certifications: GIAC Open Source Intelligence and GIAC Battlefield Forensics and Acquisition. Proving to employers you have the right skill set is more essential than ever - both for job security and enterprise security. GOSI and GBFA address gaps in the market and validate those critical skills needed by practitioners today.

This is only the beginning. As we continue this journey into unprecedented times, we've got more to give. You can expect to see more new certifications, more free resources like podcast episodes, white papers, and blog posts, and continued dedication to providing the best for our infosec community. We'll be here with you every step of the way.

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