GIAC Certifications: Management, Audit, Legal

GIAC Certifications:

Top Cyber Security Certifications for Management, Audit, and Legal

GIAC Management and Leadership Certifications build the next generation of cyber leaders and managers, preparing them to be a vital part of developing and delivering the organization's strategy.

"(Having a GIAC certification) doesn't mean that I am the absolute fount of all delivered security wisdom, but it does seem to provide some level of assurance to non-IT management that security concerns and recommendations brought to their attention should be given serious consideration." - Jenet Hensley, GSEC, GISP, GCED, GWAPT

Information security is now more critical to organizations than ever before. As a result, InfoSec teams now have more visibility, budget, and opportunity. However, with increased responsibility comes increased scrutiny. InfoSec leaders must learn how to navigate this new world of managing and leading security.

Technical knowledge is no longer sufficient for leading a security function across complex organizations. Today's security leaders must combine technical knowledge with leadership and management skills that are rooted in a deep understanding of the business.

Management, Audit, Legal
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GSLC: GIAC Security Leadership

Security Leadership

For security professionals with managerial or supervisory responsibility for information security staff. GSLC holders knowledge includes have an understanding of risks of 802.11 wireless networks and how to secure them, access control and password management, building a security awareness program, and cryptography applications, VPNs and IPSec.

Affiliated Training:

MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials for Managers

GSNA: GIAC Systems and Network Auditor

Systems and Network Auditor

For technical staff responsible for securing and auditing information systems and auditors who wish to demonstrate technical knowledge of the systems they are responsible for auditing. GSNA holders have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply basic risk analysis techniques and to conduct a technical audit of essential information systems.

Affiliated Training:

AUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems

GISP: GIAC Information Security Professional

Information Security Professional

For individuals seeking to fill gaps in their understanding of technical information security; System, Security, and Network Administrators that want to understand the pragmatic applications of the Common Body of Knowledge. GISP holders may also wish to use this certification as an independent assessment of your mastery of the (ISC)2 Common Body of Knowledge.

Affiliated Training:

MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification

GSTRT: GIAC Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

For CISOs, Information Security Officers, Security Directors and Managers, aspiring security leaders and other security personnel who have team lead or management responsibilities developing or maintaining cyber security programs and technical cyber security professionals wanting to learn proven business analysis, strategic planning, and management tools.

Affiliated Training:

MGT514: Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

GLEG: GIAC Law of Data Security & Investigations

Law of Data Security & Investigations

For security and IT professionals, lawyers, paralegals, auditors, accountants, technology managers GLEG holders have demonstrated mastery of the knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage security relationship to business law, contracts, fraud, crime, IT security, IT liability and IT policy with a focus on electronically stored and transmitted records.

Affiliated Training:

LEG523: Law of Data Security and Investigations

GCPM: GIAC Certified Project Manager

Certified Project Manager

For security professionals and managers who participate in or lead project teams and wish to demonstrate an understanding of technical project management methodology and implementation. GCPM holders have demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to making projects successful, including effective communication, time, cost, quality, procurement and risk management of IT projects and application development.

Affiliated Training:

MGT525: IT Project Management, Effective Communication, and PMP® Exam Prep


Please Note: No training is required for a GIAC Certification