Trust Me, I'm Certified.

“I value the instant respect and credibility GIAC professionals receive. People know you've worked hard to obtain the certification and they recognize the critical skills & knowledge that come with it.” - Ben Boyle | GWAPT, GXPN, GPEN

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Certified Practitioners are Trusted Team Members

82% of organizations prefer hiring candidates with certifications. The right certification could be what gets your foot in the door at almost any enterprise.

GIAC certifications are listed as preferred qualifications on thousands of job postings across the globe. That's because employers know that GIAC certifications are a guarantee of critical skill mastery.

A GIAC certification signals to HR teams and hiring managers that you have the specific job-role skills needed to succeed in a real-world work environment. No matter the skill level or specialization that interests you, GIAC has the credentials you need.


Certifications Create Confidence

Ultimately, one of the main motivations for getting certified come from within. Obtaining certifications allows you to quiet the “what ifs” and “if onlys.” When you succeed, you’ll not only be confident in your abilities, but will be proud of what you’ve achieved.

Get expert advice on building your career and overcoming imposter syndrome in the cybersecurity industry with Trust Me, I’m Certified, a podcast series featuring top practitioners and their journeys to a successful infosec career.

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GIAC's Hands-On Testing Proves Day-One Skills

Hands-on testing is the future of cybersecurity certification. Companies need a way to confirm that their cyber security hires have the necessary knowledge and abilities to protect their organizations. 

“The practical component CyberLive exams make hiring managers more confident that someone could step in and execute the tasks that their job entails.” - Jason Nickola | GSE and COO - Pulsar Security

CyberLive reflects real-world job tasks, assessing skills and abilities performed in a live environment. By challenging yourself with CyberLive, you'll prove to yourself, and employers, that you've got what it takes to get to work on day one.